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  • Coastal environment ; Economic development ; Poland ; Pomerania ; Rural area ; Spatial differentiation ; Tourism ; Trade ; Urban area
  • -agricultural business activation - urbanized areas around cities (close to agglomerations), coastal zone of tourist function and frontier areas (with well developed trade function) are conspicuous by high dynamism. Lowest activation can be observed over former
  • Till now the economical development of the rural areas of West Pomeranian Voivodship indicates one function - the agricultural one - to be dominant. However, because explicit criteria, methodology and full statistic information are not available
  • , it is difficult to specify the functionality of the rural areas and their development. Till present day non-agricultural activity developing during transformation period are services, especially trade. Great spatial differentiation exists in regards non
  • in size, and on the other, they include towns with population up to 30 000, some of which do not perform typical agricultural functions. Most of the villages in the country are entirely involved in agricultural activities. The transition to market economy
  • and the structural reform in the economic sphere have slowed down the processes of industrialization and urbanization in them. Only the tourist services have received an impetus, owing to the development of the alternative rural tourism. - (BJ)
  • Transformations in the functional structure of the rural areas in Poland. Selected problems
  • Directions in functional-spatial transformations of rural regions in the Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodship in the years 1988-2000