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  • Spatial and functional changes in recent urban development of Zagreb
  • Business district ; Croatia ; Housing ; Hypermarket ; Shopping centre ; Transport ; Urban development ; Urban geography ; Zagreb
  • This article discusses the urban development of Zagreb in the transition period. It analyses four processes which have caused spatial and functional changes in the city's development within its administrative limits. These are : the process of a new
  • and more complex. In this connection the city has started to have more influence on the urban region's development. - (IKR)
  • Slovenia ; Spatial organization ; Sustainable development ; Urban development ; Urban geography
  • urbanisation, functional transformation and mixed urban land use and residential areas. - (IKR)
  • The main goal of the paper is to identify, analyse and evaluate the basic processus in spatial development in Ljubljana. In the first part of the paper the main theoretical and planning concepts of sustainable urban development as well as goals
  • and aims of Slovene spatial policy regarding urban development are presented. Characteristics and processes of recent urban development of Ljubljana are presented in five themes : inner urban development, derelict urban areas, areas of dispersed
  • Inner city ; Shopping centre ; Slovenia ; Trade ; Urban area ; Urban geography
  • Trade is one of the most dynamic, sensitive and complex factor of use and organisation of urban areas. These are the basic questions discussed in this study about the regional centre of Maribor. Shoping centres are strengthening their role
  • of holders of the procedure, having decisive influence not only on functional but also on overall development of town centre. - (IKR)