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  • Agriculture ; Environment ; Land use ; Slovenia ; Sustainable development ; Urban geography
  • Ljubljana area. The diversity of landscape in municipality has significant influence on the orientation and functions of agriculture, and on the present and future land use. Over the last decade, there has been a significant decline in the number of active
  • are regulators of their functioning that maintain their dynamic balance and, resultantly, ensure their survival even in the case of changes. The paper presents some of these ecosystem balancing mechanisms, which can also serve as examples to human activity
  • the needs of future generations. Considering the nature sources and the environment, it means that the environment has limited selfcleaning capacities. From the soil point of view, the permanent development means renewal and protection of all soil functions
  • topographical wetness index (TWI) had been used. Topographical wetness index shows water accumulation in a given location and is a function of slope and upslope specific catchment area. - (IKR)