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  • The author defines land use as the utilization and management of parts of the earth's surface for the fulfillment of space-consuming basic functions of society. The following main types of urban land use are mentioned : sealed areas, open areas
  • The article deals with methodical problems. It analyses ecological, geosynergetic, climatic, social-recreative, urban-hygienic, esthetic and other land-use functions by the example of a model area (5 in the transitional zone between
  • the historical town core of Halle and its urban fringe. The model study is to find starting points for a further transformation of the city area of Halle. - (IH)
  • A comparison of detransformed logarithmic regressions and power function regressions
  • Causal and functional relations in fluvial geomorphology by R. D. Hey: a reply
  • Horton's slope function
  • Energy exchange between the atmosphere and the underlying ground as a basis for an analysis of the functioning of the environment
  • This process determines the functioning of the environment and shapes its spatio-temporal structure. An interpretation of the map of energy exchange with the help of relations between heat fluxes makes this analysis easier.
  • Untersuchungen zur Struktur und Funktion von naturnahen und immissionsbelasteten Grasland-Okosystemen. (Investigations into structure and function of almost natural and immission-loaded grassland-ecosystems)
  • Since 1970 the Department of Ecology of Jena University has been investigating the structure, function and succession of almost natural and immission loaded grassland ecosystems. The synecological investigations have been focussed
  • on: the registration of species| the species individual ratio: dominance structure, diversity, eveness and stability| and the biomass turnover of populations (productivity). This comparative analysis yielded results concerning structural and functional changes
  • Comparative function and stability of macrophyte-based ecosystems in Analysis of marine ecosystems.
  • Response functions applied to drainage system
  • An error function solution of sediment transport in aggrading channels
  • Stability of clay aggregates as a function of water regimes in Impact of water and external forces on soil structure. Selected papers of the 1st Workshop on soilphysics and soilmechanics, Hannover 1986.
  • The experiments confirm the results that stability of clay aggregates is not only a matter of water content. Stability of clay aggregates is a function of their water regime, which is the result of the amount of water and the corresponding pressure.
  • Climate response functions for bigcone spruce : a mediterranean climate conifer
  • Results of the response function analysis have several important implications for the use of bigcone spruce chronologies to reconstruct climate history in southern California. Growth is positively associated with precipitation in all months
  • Charakterisierung der Veränderlichkeit von Lagerstättenmerkmalen durch Anwendung von Zufallsfunktionen. (Description of alterability of deposit parameters by means of application of random functions)
  • At the example of a vein deposit, the alteribility of deposit parameters (metal content, thickness) is analysed by means of applying the theory of random functions and the character of their parameters is described quantitatively. Deriving
  • Multiple linear regression of modern climate and pollen data allows the development of statistical calibration functions that transform percentages of certain pollen types into quantitative estimates of climatic variables, and these functions, when
  • applied to Holocene pollen data, yield estimates of climatic variables for past times. We outline the steps to be followed in calculating calibration functions. We used available computer programs for most of this study. In addition, we developed new
  • used data from the lower peninsula of Michigan to develop a calibration function for July mean temperature and then used Holocene pollen data from central lower Michigan to estimate past temperatures.
  • The transport response function and relaxation time in geomorphic modelling in Geomorphological models. Theoretical and empirical aspects.
  • Soil development as a function of time in the Rouge River Basin, south-central Ontario
  • A parabolic function to modify Thornthwaite estimates of potential evapotranspiration for the eastern United States
  • Derivation of the probability density function of certain biased samples of coarse riverbed material
  • Adaptative parameter estimation for non-linear hydrological models with general loss functions
  • An attempt is made to deduce a general function for the approximation of the geometry of meander bends in the plane of the valley floor, in which no restriction for the geometry is made. Two cases must be distinguished : 1) the amount
  • of the migration of the meander bend downvalley is the same at each point of the bend| 2) the amount of that migration is not the same at each point of the bend. For case 1 it is possible to deduce a certain type of an approximation function. That is not possible