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  • Et Bydelssenters regionale funksjon The regional function of an urban center
  • The dimensionality of the urban functional system
  • This paper suggests that the formulation and testing of hypotheses relating the functional role of cities in a society to other urban structures and process variables might be facilitated by substituting a continuous variable approach
  • to the functional system for the prevailing discrete typologies. Using variables indexing the scope of economic activites in U.S. communities at two points in time, we elaborate a technique for identifying the dimensions underlying an existing typology, and the 56
  • A comparison of urban population density functions in developed and developing countries
  • On the determination of city character in urban planning.
  • to be resolved in the assessment are the comparability of Chinese urban statistical data, a convenient way to calculate the basic/ non-basic, and perfection of the intensity index of urban functions introduced in this study.
  • City function and character are interrelated, both changing with time. The assessment of city character should also be based on the regional analysis,quantitative and qualitative analysis, and a comparative approach is important. Problems waiting
  • The dimensionality of the urban functional system
  • An evaluation of the functional development of rural settlements using educational attainment as an index of methodology in Urban development in the USA and Hungary.
  • Urban planning to minimize environmental impact
  • Describes the development of the natural-resource objective function and natural-resource constraints. Application of the model to Du Page County, Illinois is shown.
  • Model comparison and model validation issues in empirical work on urban density functions
  • The informal functional city-region : cooperation or competition? in The urban agglomeration as a political arena.
  • European metropolises in competition for offices : the functional network of cities and real estate market indicators in Old trends and new impulses in Europe's urban affairs.
  • State and class in Africa : a case for extending analyses of the form and functions of the national state to the urban local state
  • Production functions, export base multipliers and urbanization ratios in city systems in Twenty-seventh North American Meetings, Milwaukee, 1980.
  • Determinants of urban population density functions. A procedure for efficient estimates
  • Correlates of the functional structure of urban retail areas: an approach employing multivariate ordination
  • The multivariate functional structure of the urban retailing system: a British case study
  • The structure of the system of urban sphere is interpreted by a comparison between almost natural and urban ecosystems. Specific characteristics and functions of urban ecosystems are described, which, for instance result in high productivity
  • Effects of rising energy prices on urban space in Energy problems and regional development.
  • this possibility, we use a production function approach to derive, independently of the previously discussed models, results that indicate a rise in energy prices will generate centralizing urban adjustments.
  • In this paper we review and analyze several well-known urban models that are presently being used to evaluate the impact of a decreasing energy supply on the spatial structure of our metropolitan areas. Certain models wich demonstrate that rising
  • energy prices reinforce a tendency for decentralization are shown to be extremely sensitive to modifications of certain desirable assumptions and, consequently, they may have restrictive applicability in urban policy formation. Acknowledging
  • to control detrimental effects on the urban environment)
  • For future activities in urban reorganization it has been decided, for reasons of highest efficiency, to stick to the approved mixing of the functions dwelling, working and making use of service. This superposition of functions can be preserved only
  • when detrimental effects that may impair the urban environment are eliminated or at least considerably reduced.
  • contributions to the field. Urban sociologists were first to draw attention, in their concept of urban managerialism, to the allocating and mediating functions of private and (later, exclusively) public employees| in trying to avoid earlier notions
  • The role of private and public institutions in urban development has been one of the more recent foci of urban research in Britain. Amongst the disciplines involved, urban sociology, urban geography and political science have all made their specific
  • of an autonomous bureaucracy, urban geography's institutional approach went half-way towards the integrative concepts of the 1980s| while political scientists have only recently begun to connect corporatism and other ''managerial'' theories of the state to urban
  • Function and competition among urban centers