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  • Among the most typical functions which are suburbanizing these days are the retail functions. This phenomenon is analysed from two sides. The index of population specialization in the retail function of each administrative unit (cities, wards, town
  • and villages) is calculated. The change of the commercial districts where consumers in the metropolitan area go to buy is examined. The results: the retail functions of most units in the suburbs are supplying all the demand of their population. The commercial
  • districts at the core of the central cities however maintain their position. And it is the retail function of the units in the inner city, except for the cores, and the units at the edge of metropolitan area that are stagnant. The monocentric structure
  • 1983
  • A series of five-day mean circulation at the 500 mb level over Asia and the mean temperature fields in China were expanded by the method of empirical orthogonal functions. The results from analysis of the annual variations of some first time
  • 1983
  • carried in 1971 and 1981. Vertical growth is more evident and vertical differentiation progressing more in type A. There is a tendancy for retail and amusement functions to be located exclusively in type B and horizontal differentiation tends to arise
  • 1983
  • A pollen profile obtained from lake sediments at Lunkaransar, Rajasthan, in northwest India was used along with a pollen-climate calibration function to estimate past precipitation. Between 10,500 and 3,500 yr B.P., the estimated precipitation
  • 1983