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  • The functions of Suzhou, Wuxi, Changzhou and Nantong in the Shanghai Economic Region.
  • There are over two thousand urban settlements within the Changjiang Delta area and a large and complex system of urban places with different functions is distinguishable. The four large cities have clearly functioned as development poles
  • Urban systems and the development of towns and cities in the Beijing-Tianjin-Tangshan Region.
  • The structure of urban systems in this region is characterised by (1) two closely located primary nodes functioning respectively as the national administrative centre and the prime economic centre of North China, (2) two levels in urban function
  • -national and provincial, (3) unbalanced growth in the hierarchy levels with the metropolises outstripping the medium and small cities. The differences in the functions and directions of development are pointed out for the three big cities and attention
  • Urban hydrology in Tokyo
  • Urban hydrology is a complex of the physical-human system representing all the changes in the region of Tokyo. The functions of the urban river have been changing due to modernization. - (SGA)
  • The status of Tokyo in Japan from the standpoint of high-order urban function
  • Functional diversity at the base of the urban system in peninsular Malaysia
  • Occupational structure of urban centres in the Eastern Uttar Pradesh
  • Occupational structure and regional variations in the urban centres of Eastern Uttar Pradesh. Spatial distribution of working and non-working population, based on 1981 Census data. Functional classification of occupation. - (PLK)
  • Urban system of modern Korea form the standpoint of economic management function
  • This study aims to investigate the nature, class, and urban links of the 30 major cities in Korea. The study was conducted for the year 1985, and 1384 leading Korean corporations served as the subject. The author investigated the links among the 9
  • While the vertical differentiation of urban function has advanced in Japanese cities since the 1960's. the underground has been utilized as new space for retailing, parking and public street. The purpose of this is to analyse characteristics
  • Land use gradient and zoning around small urban centres in NCR : Hapur city
  • using activities and its zoning around Hapur City in relation to distance-decay functions postulated by Von Thünen. - (PLK)
  • First comprehensive presentation of all aspects of the Indonesian urban system. Business and regional planners are offered an archipelago-wide base for assessing urban population potentials: it analyses location of development centres
  • and the economic functions related to them. It also considers some 4000 settlements which stand out amongst the mass of merely rural villages. The cultural atmosphere of many Javanese cities is still dominated by the old ruler's residence (kraton), the well
  • Changes are analysed according to size of population, by major functions, and by geographical location. Large and medium-sized cities grew more rapidly than small ones, accounting for 85 per cent of the urban population in 1982. By function
  • The author attempts to analyse the locational characteristics and functions of office buildings by private developers at national and urban levels. The author has investigated office buildings by Mitsubishi Estate Company, Mitsui Real Estate
  • Oyamachi is a mountain village located in Oita prefecture, northern Kyûshû Island. It is one of the very rare cases of successful development. During this process, the Agricultural Cooperative and town office strengthened their functions
  • as the rural control subsystem in rural-urban migration. This paper presents a study of Japanese rural-urban migration based on Mabogunje's systematic scheme and discusses the rural development policy, especially as it pertains to mountainous areas.
  • Identification of functional hierarchy of service centres in Hamirpur District
  • The types and basic function of territorial planning.
  • Defines the scope of territorial (regional) planning in the context of Chinese needs and goals, the bases for recognising types according to special regional characteristics, regional functions, and territorial size. Examines the linkages between
  • The functioning of periodic markets in the Bombay metropolitan region.
  • The identification of functional regions based on lifetime migration data: a case study of Iran
  • Structural and functional analysis of grazingland under pine forest in central Himalaya