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  • The Losch intra-urban model under conditions of changing costs functions
  • movers and the social classes which are directly accountable for the planning of space. Moreover the authors rarely clearly state the systems of values the words they use refer to: those of urban functions or urban organism derive from a naturalist
  • conception which is questionable in matter of urban geography. Does resorting to structuralism and its methods allow to avoid this mythology? To what extent does the analysis of the social standards, granted and handed down, account for the making up
  • A statistical approach to modelling interaction in a functional space
  • and the intensity of interaction in a functional space.
  • Fitting the logistic function
  • A functional distance approach to regionalization
  • On the approximation of utility functions for faculty teaching assignments
  • A review of identification of hedonic supply and demand functions
  • Application of recent results in functional analysis to the problem of wetting fronts
  • Some functional characteristics of Bristish city central areas: an application of allometric principles
  • A mean generating function for the assessment of estimator biases
  • From functionalism to the systems perspective in the study of spatial organization : research prospects and regional scenarios
  • Multiple bifurcation effects with a logistic attractiveness function in the supply side of a service system
  • Use of value functions as a possible suitability scaling procedure in automated composite mapping
  • Statistical inference: the use of the likelihood function
  • La cartographie des espaces fonctionnels. (Cartography of functional spaces)
  • Implicit functional relationships between systemic effects in a general model of movement
  • A spatial interaction model with the distance decay function based on a random variable distribution
  • Planning pedestrian flows around a subway station: a French case study of the time-distance decay functions
  • Accessibilité ; Analyse spatiale ; Banlieue ; Comportement ; Distance-decay function ; Durée ; France ; Généralités sur la géographie ; Ile-de-France ; Migration alternante ; Modèle ; Méthodologie ; Origine-destination ; Piéton ; Région parisienne
  • Critical utilization of a natural measure of proximities, based on the hypervolume of a multidimensional set, for a functional partition of space in Actes.