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  • Goal functions in ecosystem and biosphere evolution
  • The A. reviews idea with respect to biosphere and ecosystem goal functions, and to address the issue of whether goal functions are necessary to achieve trends toward increasing ecosystem productivity. The study is motivated by efforts to determine
  • to determine the extent to which variability in the weathering profile is inherited, as opposed to created by the weathering processes. The state probability function (SPF), designed to model the spatial pattern of transitions in system states, is applied
  • A method for assessing their relative importance is developed here, based on soil richness-area relationships. A power function relating the number of samples and the number of soil types is a good description of the richness-area relationship
  • for the divergent evolution observed in the field at very detailed scales. The state probability function (SPF), which measures spatial dependence for categorical environmental data along a transect, was applied to soil series mapped at a 1:24,000 scale. The older