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  • Concept ; Developing countries ; Ecology ; Globalization ; Man-environment relations ; Political geography ; Theoretical geography
  • change from a social-environmentally produced multi-scalar perspective. The article reflects the main trends of Political Ecology, starting from Third-World-Ecology to the issues of environmental justice and urban political ecology up to the question how
  • Political Ecology has grown from an exotic research interest in the 1980s into one of the most popular and respected research fields in geography which connects politics and political economy to problems of environmental control and ecological
  • Conflict ; Ecology ; Policy ; Sri Lanka ; Violence
  • This article examines how political ecology can investigate the ecological and socio-economic consequences of violent action in the context of prolonged political conflict. The conceptual approach of a political ecology of violence presented here
  • is substantiated using case study material from eastern Sri Lanka, where different forms of violence have impacted on the delicate ecology of Batticalao Lagoon and resulted in significant livelihood fishermen and their families. - (IfL)
  • Amazon Basin ; Brazil ; Ecology ; Forest ; Infrastructure ; Mato Grosso ; Road
  • For several decades Amazonia has been one of the main issues within the international discussions on degradation and scarcity of ecological resources. In this context, mega-projects, mostly initiated by the state, are causing conflicting processes
  • between contrary interests of involved actors. By the example of the pavement of the BR-163 in the Brazilian federal states of Mato Grosso and Pará these processes are analysed focussing on the on the political-ecological framework in the region
  • Air traffic ; Air transport ; Conflict ; Ecology ; Environment ; Justice ; Noise ; Nuisance
  • of the respective conflicts. A theoretically refined concept of environmental justice can integrate these dimensions and thereby contribute to the development of a “First World Political Ecology”. - (IfL)
  • Agricultural resources ; Agricultural use ; Ecology ; Environment ; Himalaya ; Mountain ; Pakistan ; Rural population ; Tourism ; Use conflict
  • Africa ; Ecology ; Environment ; Guinea ; Mali ; Mauritania ; Planning ; River ; Senegal
  • Batshireet ; Biodiversity ; Ecology ; Forest ; Globalization ; History ; Khentii Province ; Marketing ; Mongolia ; Taiga ; biological resources