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  • Grossmasstäbige Flächennutzungskartierungen unter stadtokologischen Aspekten (Large-scale mapping of land use on aspects of town-ecology)
  • The author defines land use as the utilization and management of parts of the earth's surface for the fulfillment of space-consuming basic functions of society. The following main types of urban land use are mentioned : sealed areas, open areas
  • An urban land use analysis is carried out by a supervised classification of SPOT data (method of maximum likelihood). The scattered numbers and the small size of the green areas give them greater ecological significance and suggest a specific
  • analysis. In urban areas, satellite remote sensing is not used to give information about pedological conditions and of the vegetation| nevertheless, this global and synthetic approach can be useful as a tool for the organisation of specialised surveys
  • The article deals with methodical problems. It analyses ecological, geosynergetic, climatic, social-recreative, urban-hygienic, esthetic and other land-use functions by the example of a model area (5 in the transitional zone between
  • the historical town core of Halle and its urban fringe. The model study is to find starting points for a further transformation of the city area of Halle. - (IH)
  • Integrating ecological and social considerations into urban flood control programs
  • Geookologie - Geowissenschaftliche Aspekte der Okologie. Geoecology. Geoscientific aspects of Ecology
  • Environmental research nowadays is an interdisciplinar problem. 15 famous authors from the G.D.R. write on following problems : conditions of production and ecology, global ecological relationships, soils, noosphere as life and activity field
  • Ecology of lacusts and grasshoppers (Orthoptera, Acrididae) in Sudanese West Africa. I. Discriminant factors and ecological requirements of acridian species
  • Biogeography: an ecological and evolutionary approach
  • Conceptual issues in Ecology
  • Forty years of rain forest ecology 1948-1988 in perspective
  • The main fields of research in tropical rain forest ecology today are briefly described and the development of the subject over the past forty years is outlined.
  • Geografija i ekologija - vzaimodejstvie, s''trudnicestvo Geography and ecology - interdependent and complementary sciences
  • This article treats the relationship between geography and ecology.
  • The human ecology of Global Change : unresolved questions 1) in Global Change.
  • of these early planning efforts through a discussion of the major unresolved questions relating to the human ecology of global change.
  • Novényfoldrajz, tarsulastan és okologia.. (Plant geography, study of associations and ecology)
  • Improving the previous university text-book, the recent one considers the place of ecosystems in material and energy cycles, the ecological demands of plants and the necessity of effective nature and environmental protection. Laws governing plant
  • Polar bear (Ursus maritimus) ecology and environmental considerations in the Canadian high arctic in Northern ecology and resource management. Memorial essays honouring Don Gill.
  • Ecological systems of the geobiosphere. 1. Ecological principles in global perspective.
  • ECOLOGY. 2 ED.
  • Tropical rain forest : ecology and physiology
  • Zonation and ecology of high mountain permafrost in Scandinavia
  • Economic-ecologic analysis: a note on Isard's approach
  • Ecogeographic analysis : a guide to the ecological division of land for resource management.
  • Landscape ecology - geomorphology.