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  • Problémy ekologie vo vztahu k urbanizacii SSR a tvorbe zivotného prostredia na Slovensku Ecology problems and creative work of environment in Slovakia
  • The natural power-systems balance of regional ecological units enriched by the forms of scraps technological energy what affecte the original power equilibrium. The national power basis development of Slovakia depends also from the landscape
  • urbanization, creative work and protection of its environment. (MS).
  • Vyznam geografického priestoru a historického vyvinu prostredia v planoch sidiel. (Geographical space and environmental development in the urban planning)
  • Specific territorial and genetic aspects and its ecological determinants are shown in the case of town Brno. These determinants create a firm framework for flexible concepts for territorial development.
  • The environment must be understood as a system composed by natural, technical, economical and social elements. As a consequence of industrialization, mechanization and chemization of agriculture, of the development of urbanization and traffic
  • , important changes of the natural environment took place in the Slovakia. A multidisciplinary task synthesis and prognose of the ecologic structure of the landscape on the basis of model regions was formulated as a contribution of natural scientist
  • Social structure, spatial structure and problems of ecological analysis: the example of Prague in City, class and capital. New developments in the political economy of cities and regions.
  • International Sociological Association. Committee on the sociology of urban and regional development, International
  • Research aimed at urban geography as one of the results of the cooperation between Czechoslovak and Polish Academy of Sciences. The factoral ecology analyses selected structural features of Ostrava and Katowice based on the census 1980. - (MS)
  • The future of ecological evaluation for land use planning: the case of Belgium
  • Supplement and up-to-date extension to earlier papers on ecological evaluation for planning purposes. Scientific, strategic and political objections against ecological evaluation in its present shape are discussed. Recent Belgian developments.
  • Rice and the ecological environment in the Camargue
  • The Ecology of resource degradation and renewal
  • Ecology of a marginal carrion crow population 1. - Distribution and abundance
  • Reindeer herding and ecology in Finnish Lapland
  • The political ecology of nuclear power in Ireland or, how nuclear wastes
  • The agro-ecological potential of Hungary in Geographical essays in Hungary.
  • -ecological potential. The 35 agro-ecological regions of the country are described. (DLO).
  • Problemy geograficzne i ekologiczne fizjografii urbanistycznej w woj. poznanskim. (Geographical and ecological problems of the urbanistic physiography in the Poznan voivodeship)
  • The article presents the actual views on the urbanistic planning physiography. The A. has discussed its inter-relations with other desciplines such as physical and complex geography and ecology. There has also been presented an outline
  • of the ecological system of protected areas in the Poznan voivodeship as an example of cooperation and the use of the ecological output in physiography and spatial planning.
  • Landschapsecologische kartering in Toscane. Toelichting aan de hand van een luchtfoto. (Landscape-ecological survey in Tuscany, with reference to an aerial photograph)
  • The physiographic approach in soilsurvey is extended to landscape-ecological survey. Departing from the example of an area depicted on aerial photography, a qualitative landscape description is given. (AIS).
  • The iron settlement at De Panne-Westhoek. Ecological and geological context
  • After a palynological analysis a humic layer has been dated through the C-method. The age is 2660 100 B.P. (bottom) and 1965 110 B.P. (top). This dating matches the Iron Age material that has been found. The knowledge of the ecology
  • Einzelbetriebliche Auswirkungen landschaftsokologischer Massnahmen in der Flurbereinigung. (The effects on the private farmer of ecological measures introduced in connection with farmland consolidation schemes)
  • The changing concepts of the quality of life which growing sections of our society are now holding demand that economic and industrial undertakings should also pay due regard to ecological interest. This metamorphosis in our scale of values
  • is leading to a reassessment of the palette of political instruments available. An economic model has been developed to enable the importance of ecological considerations entailed in steps adopted in connection with farmland consolidation schemes
  • The cultural ecology of neighbor's duty in Friesland
  • Biogeography and ecology in the Canary Islands