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  • Ecology of rural India.
  • Migrants of the mountains: the cultural ecology of the Blue Miao (Hmong Njua) of Thailand
  • The evolution of the ecological structure of Hong Kong : implications for planning and future development
  • The demand for fuel: ecological implications of socio-economic change in Desertification and development: dryland ecology in social perspective.
  • The human factor in ecological history in Desertification and development: dryland ecology in social perspective.
  • Morpho-ecological variations in the Sundarban mudflats
  • Shows the variations of morpho-ecological conditions of the shallow estuarine and coastal mudflats in the Sundarbans. - (PLK)
  • An analysis on the ecology of Alpine Tundra landscape of Changbai mountains.
  • No trees grow in this Alpine zone, only shrubs, moss and lichen with a few perennial herbs. The soil is a gley showing peat formation. Four plant groups and fifteen plant communities are identified. They develop their own distinctive ecological
  • Problems of rational utilization of hilly area in Hunan province from ecological viewpoint.
  • Describes the basic ecological conditions of the Hunan hilly area, problems of present land use, desirable directions of growth and development. (TNC).
  • Agricultural ecology in the southeast Asian savanna region: The Mnong Gar of Vietnam and their social space in Human ecology in savanna environments.
  • Ecological impacts of the dry zone farming systems in Sri Lanka
  • Environment and ecology of early man in the North West India : geological and palaeontological evidence.
  • Sayl and Ghayl: the ecology of water allocation
  • The savanna forests of mainland southeast Asia: an ecological survey
  • Ecological studies of Utonaito bog near Tomakomai, Hokkaido Numerical analysis of plant communities.
  • Some ecological considerations for tea growing in the Eastern Himalayas in The Himalayas. Profiles of modernisation and adaptation.
  • Land reform, technology and small scale farming : the ecology and economy of Gilaki-Rashti rice cultivation, Northern Iran.
  • Locational ecology of the Tsukuba Monzenmachi.
  • Human ecology research on tropical agroecosystems in Southeast Asia
  • Ecological observations in a tropical karst terrain, West Malaysia. I. Variations in topography, soils and vegetation
  • Possible effect of Shuilou hydropower station on the ecological environment of middle and lower reaches of the Min River.
  • of the water will have little changed with minimal effects on the ecological environment at the river mouth. Silting in the navigation channel and port of Mawei would not deteriorate. (TNC).