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  • Applied ecology ; Ecotone ; Hungary ; Land use ; Outer conurbation area ; Urban area ; Urban ecology ; Urban fringe
  • Besides the investigations into the basic elements of the ecological spatial networks : the ecological matrix areas, corridors of barriers and also the biocores and buffer zones, the analysis of the edge-zones, the so-called ecotons
  • , is an increasingly popular topic of landscape ecology. The ecological role of the edge zones is proportional to the contrast between the ecological properties of the areas they separate. The ecological contrast is the sharpest possible round the town outskirts. - (ZK)
  • Ecology ; Hungary ; Spatial structure ; Urban climate ; Urban ecology
  • This paper attempts to demonstrate the urban ecological conditions of Debrecen (E-Hungary) through the analysis of the pattern of built-up areas in this major city of the Great Hungarian Plain. In order to reveal these conditions a joint study
  • of urban climate and the related pattern of the built-up areas were carried out. - (Zoltán Kovács).
  • Environmental conservation ; Hungary ; Infrastructure ; Landscape ; Microregion ; Network ; Urban system
  • The degree of ecological fragmentation of landscapes is a useful index for landscape protection and planning. In this study that index was determined using 1:250 000 scale maps of Road Atlas of Hungary and Cadatre of Microregions of Hungary
  • A tajokologia idoszerü kérdései az angol nyelvü szakirodalom alapjan (Topical issues in landscape ecology on the basis of English-language literature)
  • Author reviews the history of landscape ecology, its relations with bioecology, definitions and methodology as well as practical applications. - (DLO)
  • Europe ; Human impact ; Land use ; Landscape ; Landscape dynamics ; Landscape ecology ; Research programme
  • Author reports on Pan-European research programmes and networks specialised in the field of landscape ecology. The main aim of these programmes is to clarify the relations between physical geographical conditions, anthropogenic effects and land use
  • Applied ecology ; Geomorphology ; Hungary ; Landscape ; Slope
  • Author deals with the geomorphological and ecological landscape structure of Tokaj-Hegyalja Region (NE-Hungary). Foothill areas have a special status in geographical areal structure. The pediments are regarded as connecting landscape units
  • Applied ecology ; Fauna ; Impact study ; Pollution ; Radioactivity ; Soil ; Vegetation
  • Ecosystem ; Fallow land ; Germany ; Primary production ; Quantitative ecology ; Soil science ; Wasteland
  • Such an ecogeographical map emphasizes the representation of the spatial links between ecosystems. The land-use map shows the ecological effects of interlinkages between manmade objects and ecosystems. Then a map is presented for the Bodrogkeresztur
  • Climatic change ; Ecotone ; Flood control ; Frontier ; Landscape ; Landscape ecology
  • Spoil heaps are territories with special geomorphology and ecology in every respect. The slope and mezoclimatic conditions are unfavourable. Recultivation must take them into consideration. - (DLO)