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  • A kubai varosfejlodés. (Urban development in Cuba)
  • Cuba was one of the first urbanizing countries in the American continent. The author selects two towns, Camagüey and Cienfuegos to present the morphological features of Cuban towns. Changes in urbanization since the 1959 revolution are also outlined
  • Social change in an urban-rural fringe : Marques, Brazil in Festschrift to honor Raymond E. Crist.
  • Brésil ; Changement social ; Frange urbaine ; Géographie de l'Amérique ; Migration alternante ; Piracicaba ; Péri-urbanisation ; Sao Paulo région
  • Description of changes in a small community in Sao Paulo State whose inhabitants now derive their livelihood in the city of Piracicaba rather than from agriculture. - (DWG)
  • Has urban livability changed dramatically? a comparison of the Places Rated almanacs
  • Les villes américaines par rang selon la qualité de la vie. Les changements intervenus entre 1981 et 1985 selon le Places rated almanac. Changements introduits dans les indices retenus.
  • Spatial change and the urban Landscape
  • Banlieue ; Changement ; Detroit ; Etats-Unis ; Fonction urbaine ; Géographie de l'Amérique ; Macomb county ; Michigan ; Paysage urbain ; Structure fonctionnelle ; Urbanisation ; Ville
  • Identification de plusieurs forces conduisant au changement spatial, y compris le paysage urbain. Le changement s'effectue par vagues (de même que la diffusion). Proposition d'un cadre conceptuel reliant les processus de changement spatial aux
  • Changes in accessibility to employment in an urban area: Milwaukee, 1927-1963
  • Urban development, planning and demographic change 1970-1980, in Barbados
  • Barbados is one of the most densely populated countries in the world and exhibits a very high degree of urban concentration of population. The country's physical development planning machinery is based on British town and country planning practices
  • , and the author examines its aims and achievements, with particular reference to post-1970 demographic change. (MPM).
  • Nonmetropolitan change in urban America-Texas, a United States case study in Urban development in the USA and Hungary.
  • Recent changes in the rural communities of the United States
  • Analysis of changes between 1960 and 1970 for all 3.000counties of the USA. Interpretation of the results leans to the proposition that both rural and urban communities share the same system of values and desires. Differences in opportunities
  • to realise these desires through incomes and careers in farming accounts for much migration and changes.
  • Economic changes of the Canadian urban system
  • Canada ; Catégorie socio-professionnelle ; Changement urbain ; Emploi ; Géographie de l'Amérique ; Population active ; Population urbaine ; Qualification professionnelle ; Structure économique ; Système urbain ; Ville
  • L'A. présente une analyse des profils économiques des villes de plus de 10 000 habitants au Canada. On souligne les changements dans les dimensions économiques associées aux villes de ce système entre 1971 et 1981. Différentes variables mettant en
  • Essays on Canadian urban process and form
  • The developing Canadian urban pattern: an analysis of population change, 1971-1976, pp.1-40. A perspective on alternate settlement forms, pp.41-180| The urban fringe as a regional environment, pp.181-288| Land dealer and land developer behaviour
  • on the rural-urban fringe of Toronto, pp.289-368.
  • Zenith revisited: urban entrepreneurship and the sunbelt frontier in Metropolitan and regional change in the United States.
  • Minnesota population change.
  • University of Minnesota. Center for Urban and Regional Affaires. Minneapolis, Etats-Unis
  • The rise of the beltways : a powerful force for urban change
  • Artists and urban redevelopment
  • Accessibilité ; Artiste ; Changement social ; Coût du loyer ; Développement urbain ; Espace urbain ; Etats-Unis ; Gentrification ; Géographie de l'Amérique ; Hoboken ; Jersey City ; Logement ; Manhattan ; Mobilité résidentielle ; New Jersey ; Newark
  • Manhattan et de son accessibilité par la ligne ferroviaire P.A.T.H. Ainsi les artistes contribuent au changement urbain caractérisé par le développement et l'embourgeoisement de ces villes.
  • Changing aspects of urban containment in Canada : the Niagara case in the 1980s and beyond
  • Space-time components of urban population change
  • Determinants of land use change in Guatemalan secondary urban centers
  • Housing and inner city population change in Columbus and San Diego
  • Architecture ; Centre-ville ; Changement social ; Columbus ; Densité urbaine ; Etats-Unis ; Etude comparée ; Evolution démographique ; Géographie de l'Amérique ; Logement ; Paysage urbain ; Quartier urbain ; San Diego
  • Population densities of the urban cores of American cities reflect economic processes and cultural values. But differences are often overlooked. The A. contrasts a demographically stagnant Columbus, Ohio, with fast-growing San Diego where
  • Das Zentrum von Bogota: Kennzeichen, Wandlungen und Verlagerungstendenzen des tertiären Sektors.. (The centre of Bogota: characteristics, changes, and trends of relocation of the tertiary sector)
  • While urban research on Latin America has mainly been focussed on housing for the lower classes, this study concentrates on the considerable changes taking place in the city centre. It refers particularly to the localization and re-location
  • An examination of the economic growth in Antigua in the last decade, showing the extent of urban sprawl (or rururban sprawl) in Antigua. No close monitoring of changing land-use patterns exists and organization for the planning and zoning of land