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  • Extreme events in the context of late Quaternary environmental change
  • The significance of extreme events in landform change is discussed in the context of the late Quaternary. Millennia-scale cycles of climate change are less than the relaxation times of most landform systems and have led to widespread disequilibrium
  • in natural landscapes. Slope failures and fluvial systems show parallel evolutionary trends in high and low latitudes, resulting from late Quaternary environmental changes. The transformation of geomorphic systems appears to require millennia of preparation
  • 2003
  • In Estonia, extreme events have been caused by meteorite explosions, earthquakes, and neotectonic processes, heavy storms, karst phenomena and human impact. Investigation of past processes provides a major key in predicting the changes that could
  • 2003
  • are most effective as a destructive element where environmental degradation has been provoked by inappropriate land utilization. Climatic changes and lack of awareness and preparedness are aggraving factors. Modern scientific concepts and emerging powerful
  • 2003
  • The longest instrumental rainfall series have been investigated for the North Assam subdivision and 4 meteorological stations in Northeast India. Analysis of trends to annual and seasonal rainfall show these to be very stable, with no change
  • 2003
  • at archaeological sites. As important geoarchives, colluvial deposits document the beginning of the human-caused landscape changes, but they cannot record climatic signals. On the other hand, floodplain sediments alone cannot be used to represent the age, nature
  • 2003