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  • The Segregation of socio-economic groups in urban areas: a comparative analysis
  • Estimation and cluster analysis of net migration age profiles for urban areas in England and Wales
  • The segregation of socioeconomic groups in urban areas: a comment
  • The location of service-dependent households in urban areas in New directions in public Services.
  • Change in urban areas in Nigeria
  • The post-urban interface: an area in transition
  • Federal urban transportation policy and the highway planning process in Metropolitan Areas
  • Representation of soft and hard data for urban areas. Case studies in Berlin and Karlsruhe
  • High-priority research areas in HUD'office of policy development and research
  • Budget ; Contrat ; Department of Housing and Urban Development ; Etats-Unis ; Géographie humaine ; Recherche
  • Recherches prioritaires, budget et offres de recherche émanant du Department of Housing and Urban Development.
  • The economics of the rural to urban migration turnaround in Metropolitan and regional change in the United States.
  • The authors argue that the turnaround cannot meaningfully be considered apart from conditions in the nation's most highly urbanized areas, and then treat in some detail the causal forces that have been suggested as possible reasons for it. Finally
  • , recently developed time-series data on migration and employment growth are used to examine the magnitude of the linkages between these two variables in large metropolitan areas compared to nonmetropolitan areas. Their findings lead the authors to speculate
  • Life expectancy in tropical climates and urbanization in Urban climatology and its applications with special regard to tropical areas.
  • Intended-mobility responses to possible neighborhood change in an American, a British, and a Canadian inner-urban area
  • Modelling population changes in small English urban areas
  • Consumer spatial behavior in a small urban area
  • On the characterization of urban social areas
  • Defining communities within urban areas. An analysis of alternative approach
  • The substitution of land for other inputs in urban areas in Twenty-seventh North American Meetings, Milwaukee, 1980.
  • Neighborhood heterogeneity with in a urban area
  • The microgenesis of cognitive maps: a longitudinal study of new residents of an urban area
  • On the structure of urban social areas: explorations using Q-analysis