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  • Conceptualization of rural-urban fringe areas and the delineation of Nicosia's fringe
  • Use of land for urban purposes in Norway
  • Two main causes are stated to explain the rapid growth of urban areas: the urbanization process and the growing standard of living. The article deals with the problem of what is really meant by urban land and compares how fast urban land is growing
  • in Norway in relation to other countries. The article also points out the great variations in the use of land for urban purposes, some of which are discussed. (JH).
  • The classification of local authorities in the UK Inner Urban Areas Act 1978
  • Analyse discriminante ; Analyse multivariée ; Géographie de l'Europe ; Hiérarchie urbaine ; Indication ; Inner Urban Areas Act, 1978 ; Législation ; Royaume-Uni ; Urbanisme
  • L'Inner Urban Areas Act britannique de 1978 a classé les villes en trois groupes selon le niveau d'aide financière reçu par chacun. A partir des indicateurs utilisés l'A. applique une analyse discriminante pour évaluer la validité de la
  • The influence of urbanization on transformation of rural areas with special regard to the role of Warsaw in Transformation of rural areas.
  • Ethnic segregation levels in the Belfast urban area
  • Socio-agrarian changes in the Ohrid basin under the influence of urbanization and the development of tourism in Transformation of rural areas.
  • The influence of urbanization on the structural changes of rural population in the SR of Macedonia in Transformation of rural areas.
  • Beiträge zur Erfassung von Kapazität und Frequentierung der Naherholungsflächen in Stuttgart A model for measuring visitors capacity and frequency in the urban recreation areas of Stuttgart
  • The aim of this paper will be to analyse the planning of recreation areas in larger cities and urban surroundings and to show up some feasible ways of measuring capacity as well as estimating actual attendance figures. For this purpose a model has
  • of urban recreation areas is nearly always impossible, to demand chances in capacity and attendance in already existing areas. (HSC).
  • and the other hand the actual attendance as well as the necessity to offer recreation facilities to a greater number of people lead to the conclusion that, since a quantitative enlargement of urban to the conclusion that, since a quantitative enlargement
  • The following urban land cover classes are distinguished from the CCT Landsat data of Transdanubia for April 1st, 1976: urban commercial and residential| urban industrial| urban up-to-date residential| suburban| rangeland| waters| forest| parks
  • and unidentified areas. (DLO).
  • Niektoré priestorové aspekty zivotného prostredia mesta, moznosti ich riesenia. (Some spatial aspects of the urban environment and potential solutions)
  • The urban environment and its spatial structure present an inseparable unity with a number of positive and negative phenomena. The paper analyses their features genesis, relation to functional urban areas, in Slovakia and is concerned
  • Urban planning in Rome from 1870 to the First World War in Old trends and new impulses in Europe's urban affairs.
  • The politically dominant views were expressed in city development plans adopted in 1873 and 1883. The plans were circumvented by building speculators who developed in areas beyond their boundaries. A reaction emerged in the adoption of the 1909 plan
  • which stressed core area preservation and peripheral open space protection.
  • Which areas have the worst urban problems?
  • Administration ; Aire intra-urbaine ; Analyse discriminante ; Date 1978 ; Ecologie urbaine ; Emploi ; Environnement résidentiel ; Ethnie ; Géographie de l'Europe ; Inner Urban Areas Act ; Logement ; Méthodologie ; Politique urbaine ; Royaume-Uni
  • Analyse critique des découpages administratifs urbains ou intra-urbains effectués à la suite du Inner Urban Areas Act de 1978, et qui distinguent trois types d'aires spécifiques selon l'ampleur des problèmes qui s'y posent. Recherche des variables
  • Die rhein-mainische Verstädterungsregion. Beiträge der Frankfurter Geographischen Gesellschaft zu ihrer Erfassung. (The urbanized area of the Rhin-Main-Region. Contributions of the Geographical Society of Francfort to their recording)
  • Urban renewal and housing action areas in Belfast: legitimation and the incorporation of protest
  • Planning en platteland. Kommentaren op de nota Landelijke gebieden Planning and rural areas. Comments on the Governmental Report on rural areas
  • The Dutch Government published a report on planning problems in rural areas. Important issues are the urban-rural relation and the tension field between landscape conservation and agricultural activities. A group of biologists, planners, human
  • British urban social geography
  • Review of work published in the operation of housing markets and people in social areas. Critical of lack of an insider's view of social phenomena in British cities by geographers.-(D. W. Gade).
  • Antropogenni reliéf CHKO Cesky kras. (Man-induced relief forms of the Czech karst protected landscape area)
  • The region of Cesky kras (Central Bohemia) has been densely populated and economically utilized since the oldest times. The analysis has shown the main features of the agrarian, industrial, communication, urban, litoral and military anthropogenous
  • relief changes in an protected area. (MS).
  • Articles by several human geographers concerning the urban development. Attention is paid to the location and inter-urban migration of offices, the possibilities for revaluation of towns and a survey concerning labour markets in urban areas. (AGD).
  • The history of settlement geographical terms like agglomeration, urbanized area, dispersed city, urban landscape, conurbation, Ballungsraum, Verdichtung, Verdichtungsraum, urban region is outlined, their contents explained and their applicability
  • De achterkant van verstedelijkt Nederland. De positie en funktie van landelijke gebieden in de Nederlandse samenleving. The backyard of the urban Netherlands : the position and function or rural areas in Dutch society
  • The aim of this study is to draw an integrated picture of the socio-spatial situation of the rural areas in the Netherlands. - (AGD)