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  • Planning the location of recreation centres in an urban area: a case study of Glasgow
  • Pricing in urban areas under free entry
  • Generalized zoning of urbanized areas by analysis of Landsat MSS data
  • Representation of soft and hard data for urban areas-case studies in Berlin and Karlsruhe
  • The user orientated urban thematic maps serve for inventory surveys of urban landscape areas, their evaluation, documentation and for the representation of urban-ecological suggestions concerning planning. Some map designs are iteratively tested
  • This study is based on the three following assumptions : remote sensing is an aid to the land-use classification in an urban area| remote sensing is an aid to the study of homogeneous wards in an urban system| and remote sensing is an aid to model
  • the spatial distribution of the components of the urban system. The study is concerned with the results according to different analysis methods of the urban areas. These methods are used to achieve the presented aims.
  • Sammelband : Geographische Landschaftsforschung in Agrarräumen und urbanen Raumen. Geographical landscape research in rural and urban areas : Miscellany
  • An econometric analysis of industrial land-use intensity within an urban area
  • 8 articles: 1. The boundaries of a nodal region as a factor in the formation of its territorial structure, 2. The problem of delimiting an urbanized area (with reference to the Moscow region), 3. Types of interaction between transport routes
  • and linear obstacles, 4. Geographical boundaries and linear conditions for the formation of a basic framework for settlement (with reference to the Caucasus region), 5. The configuration of boundaries and shapes of ethnic areas, 6. Defining the boundaries
  • Presentation of a simple technique to overcome several classical problems due to the irregular geographical patterns of urban agglomerations. The proposed algorithm is tested through different techniques of classification applied to a Belgian urban
  • area and proves to be a useful tool to the analysis of spatial data.
  • Competitive and imperfectly competitive labor markets in urban areas
  • An examination of some problems and solutions in monitoring urban areas from satellite platforms
  • LANDSAT image processing is used to construct maps of cultivation pattern and for the environmental assessment of agricultural sites in Komarom county, for the detection of urban land use in the area of Budapest and for the estimation
  • The method is suitable to show the changes in the previous natural environment in settlements. Built-up areas, sealed surfaces and unsealed surfaces covered with vegetation may be distinguished as the principal forms pertaining to urban settlements
  • Specification and calibration of spatial interaction models. A contingency-table perspective and an application to intra-urban migration in Rotterdam in Migration and small area population forecasting.
  • A proposal for an equal area maps of the entire world on Mercator's projection
  • The transverse and oblique cylindrical equal-area projection of the ellipsoid
  • Automatic digitalization of area-oriented maps
  • Market-area analysis with a rectangular grid network