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  • Regulating land development in the United Kingdom
  • Regional planning in the United States and the United Kingdom: a comparative analysis
  • Planning in the United Kingdom
  • The distribution of Jews in the United Kingdom
  • Glaciations in the United Kingdom in Quaternary glaciations in the Northern Hemisphere.
  • United Kingdom in Geology of the european countries. Austria, Federal Republic of Germany, Ireland, The Netherlands, Switzerland, United Kingdom.
  • Geography in the United Kingdom 1992-1996
  • Geographic research ; Higher education ; Research ; Teaching of geography ; United Kingdom
  • Old industries and regional uneven development : the case of the United Kingdom
  • Industrial restructuring ; Industry ; Regional development ; United Kingdom
  • Registering regional speciality food and drink products in the United Kingdom : the case of PDOs and PGIs
  • Drink ; Enquiry ; Food ; Marketing ; Regulation ; United Kingdom
  • Tourism and regional development: polarization and new forms of production in the United Kingdom
  • Attendance ; Demand ; Economic impact ; Economic restructuring ; Market segmentation ; Polarization ; Regional development ; Tourism ; United Kingdom
  • The United Kingdom's Celtic languages
  • Cultural geography ; Education ; Language ; Mass commmunication ; Regional identity ; United Kingdom
  • Trends in Scottish salmon catches. Critical evaluation of the United Kingdom acid waters review group interpretation
  • Dynamique des populations ; Evaluation ; Généralités sur la géographie ; Poisson ; Pêcherie ; Royaume-Uni ; Scotland ; United Kingdom Acid Waters Review Group ; Zoogéographie
  • Modeling regional house prices in the United Kingdom
  • Housing ; Housing cost ; Housing market ; Internal migration ; Interregional migration ; Regional disparities ; Time series ; United Kingdom
  • In the second half of the 1980s the United Kingdom experienced a widening of house-price differentials between the South and the North. This paper examines the view that the pattern of house-price differentials resembles a ripple effect, using long
  • Holocene floodplain metamorphosis in the Midlands, United Kingdom
  • England ; Floodplain ; Fluvial processes ; Holocene ; Model ; Paleo-environment ; Quaternary ; United Kingdom
  • channels underwent a metamorphosis. This metamorphosis, which is explained by the stable-bed aggrading-banks model (SBAB), is the key factor in the Holocene evolution of low-energy floodplain systems in the United Kingdom, upon which more subtle short-term
  • Geography in the United Kingdom 1988-92. Report to the 27th International Geographical Congress in Washington, United States of America, August 1992
  • Bibliography ; Geographic school ; History of geography ; Research ; Twentieth Century ; United Kingdom
  • Geography in the United Kingdom 1984-1988. Report to the 26th International Geographical Congress in Sydney. Australia, in august 1988
  • A review of Landsat MSS image acquisition over the United Kingdom 1976-1988, and the implications for operational remote sensing
  • The application of weather radar to transport problems in the United Kingdom
  • Regional elasticities of substitution in the United Kingdom in 1968
  • Urban land use change in the United Kingdom during the second half of the 20th century