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  • Relations between Yugoslavia and the United States of America
  • Spatial developments in the United States of Europe : glorious victories or ignominious defeats? in Twenty-Ninth European Congress. Cambridge, 1989.
  • The location of European direct investment in the United Kingdom in Foreign investment in industrialized countries.
  • Evidence is presented to show the relative importance of firms based elsewhere in the EEC in controlling direct investment and employment within the United Kingdom. The regions which have been most attractive to EEC based firms are identified
  • and the contributions of different member states are isolated. The locational pattern is explained with reference both to recently established manufacturing operations and to individual enterprises.
  • The influence of the state in determining patterns of economic activity
  • données utiles pour définir des unités spatiales. Les études récentes sur le rôle du gouvernement forment deux groupes: les études basées sur les enquêtes et les études plus synthétiques sur le changement de l'emploi.
  • The Soviet metropolitan hierarchy regionalisation and comparison with the United States
  • Relations between Yugoslavia and the United States of America (II)
  • from the republic capital to the oblast centers. These locational shifts, as well as the structural changes in industry experienced by the oblasts, suggest the United States.
  • topography and a physical planning decision designed to promote building stability on permafrost. Published air quality measurements are compared with current standards of the Environmental Protection Agency of the United States, and impacts on human health
  • , and only China, India and the United States have comparably low import coefficients. Furthermore, the Soviet Union accounts for only 3-4 percent of the imports and exports in world trade as a whole. The comparatively independent position of its economy
  • First, the author describes the origin and development of the major agricultural units (agricultural production co-operatives, state farms, and specialised agricultural co-operatives). This is followed by a description of the systems of production
  • imposed in the United States and some other countries have altered conditions since 1980, and the Russians are now reevaluating their shipping arrangements.
  • be carried out with private financing in the United States and the cooperation of the Soviet authorities. The trip, which lasted from March 12 to April 3, included several days in Moscow, both at the start and at the end of the visit to the Soviet Union
  • Doomed to perdition. On the state of the Ukrainian minority in Poland. A personal statement
  • Luxembourg, city state of finance
  • Paris, the state and inner city policy: a comment
  • The Housing Corporation, 1974-1979: an example of state housing policy in Britain in Special issue on state, the law and the spatial sciences.
  • Works closure at British Steel and the nature of the state in Studies of the British state.
  • Housing action trusts and communications structures : a study of state-tenant negotiations in a Manchester housing estate
  • Kornyezeti hatas-kovetkezmény vizsgalatok Environmental impact statements
  • Housing in a welfare state