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  • Alexander von Humboldt and the United States
  • Regional planning in the United States and the United Kingdom: a comparative analysis
  • Census counts and apportionment : the politics of representation in the United States... continued
  • Policy ; Population census ; State ; United States of America
  • Census counts are used in the United States as the basis for a derived apportionment count, which is employed by the president to allocate seats in the House of Representatives across the 50 States. This practice has been challenged in the courts
  • , most recently by the State of Utah, which claimed that it was denied a fourth seat in the House for the period 2002-12 as a consequence.
  • The distributions of coccidioidomycosis and histoplasmosis in the United States: implications and recommendations
  • Disease ; Endemic disease ; Health ; Medical geography ; Morbidity ; Spatial distribution ; United States of America
  • Coccidioidomycosis is endemic in the US Southwest; histoplasmosis occurs in the East and Central states. Suggests environmental relationships with these diseases both caused by soil fungi. - (DWG)
  • Examining the relationship between snowfall and wildfire patterns in the western United States
  • Applied climatology ; Correlation ; Forest fire ; Snow ; Snow cover ; United States of America ; Western United States
  • The AA. conducted an examination of the spatial and temporal relationships and correlations between snow cover and wildfire from 1986 through 1996 in the 11 western states of the United States. Snow-cover and wildfire data were aggregated
  • and normalized for each state, as well as for the entire western region. No strong correlation was found for the entire western United States, nor did state aggregations show signs of consistent yearly correlation between measures of snow cover and wildfire
  • . Nevertheless, a few states experienced above-average acreage burned totals following winters with above-average snow cover.
  • A half-century of urban geography in the United States
  • Black migration reversal in the United States
  • Financing farm business in the United States
  • Some important aspects of the morphological processes in the southwestern United States
  • The changing geography of voting in the United States: 1946-1980
  • The environmental impact assessment in the United States
  • Chinese in the United States: a century of occupational transition
  • Irrigation agriculture in the Southwest United States: regional variation of crop pattern
  • Population growth, economic growth and the environment in the United States
  • Radical geography in the United States: a personal history in The best of Antipode 1969-1985.
  • The Evolution of shooting preserves in the United States
  • Landownership in the United States, 1978
  • Major uses of land in the United States: 1974
  • Social structure and suburban spatio-political conflicts in the United States
  • Regional precipitation variability in the southern United States
  • Atmospheric circulation ; Cyclone ; Global change ; Precipitation ; Seasonal variation ; Southern United States ; Spatial variation ; Teleconnection ; United States of America
  • This paper analyzes relationships between large-scale circulation variations and regional precipitation within the southern United States. Results provide a better understanding of the causes of both short-term and long-term precipitation
  • [b1] Louisiana State University, Dept. of Geography and Anthropology, Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70803, Etats-Unis