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  • Orographic influence on frontally-produced flooding in northern Vermont - The July 14-15, 1997, event
  • Canada ; Flood ; Geographical information system ; Heavy rain ; Orographic effect ; Precipitation ; Quebec ; United States of America ; Weather type
  • The study area is the Missisquoi River basin which straddles the Québec/Vermont border and which was severely affected in the 1993, 1997, and 2002 floods. This study identifies the multiscale atmospheric and orographic factors most conductive
  • Atmospheric dynamics ; Floods ; Northern Ireland ; Orographic effects ; Precipitation ; United Kingdom ; Weather type
  • . This study elucidates the interaction of dynamic and orographic influences responsible for the meso-scale precipitation signatures associated with the synoptic event.
  • Avalanche ; Biogeography ; Climatic change ; Geomorphology ; Mountain ; National park ; Tree line ; United States of America
  • The AA. performed a content analysis on previous research that examined alpine treeline in national parks and classified each treeline study as anthropogenic, orographic/edaphic, or climatic according to the primary factor attributed to treeline
  • control. Results indicated that the 3 types of treeline are not uniformly studied. Climatic treeline is most commonly studied whereas anthropogenic and orographic/edaphic studies are often lacking. Furthermore, several western national parks are entirely
  • devoid of anthropogenic and orographic treeline research. More research in protected places is required to broaden the understanding of multiple treeline processes across both regional and worldwide extents.
  • Alpes ; Analyse spatiale ; Bassin-versant ; Définition ; Europe ; Géomorphologie ; Montagne ; Méthodologie ; Relief ; Unité orographique
  • as orographical units. The second-order division starts the same way: The main basins are divided into a number of second-order basins, chosen among basins of bigger rivers, joining the main ridge or a first-order ridge and running directly down to the axis
  • According to given definitions, culminations can be identified with the orographical centers of mountain groups of different sizes. Investigating a mountain range, the method presented starts with the identification of surrounding basins
  • Flood ; Forecast ; Heavy rain ; Natural hazards ; Northern Ireland ; Orographic effect ; Precipitation ; Stream ; United Kingdom ; Weather type
  • This article describes the synoptic event and the dynamics and orographic influences responsible for the highly localised nature of the meso-scale precipitation signatures. Intense precipitation had its most dramatic impact in Ballycastle
  • Moisture trajectories associated with heavy rainfall in the Appalachian region of the United States
  • Appalachian Mountains ; Atmospheric circulation ; Atmospheric moisture ; Heavy rain ; Mountain ; Orographic effect ; Precipitation ; Seasonal variation ; United States of America ; Weather type
  • Atlas ; Central Europe ; Climate ; Europe ; Human impact ; Landscape unit ; Orographic effect ; Thematic map ; Topoclimate ; Troposphere
  • Action anthropique ; Atlas ; Carte thématique ; Climat ; Effet orographique ; Europe ; Europe centrale ; Topoclimat ; Troposphère ; Unité de paysage
  • Some new aspects of the orographical and geomorphological zoning. The A. incloses an orographical map of West Bohemia based on his new principles. - (MS)
  • The orographic effects on precipitation distribution in Tirol, Austria
  • Orographically-induced atmospheric circulations
  • A csapadék orografiai függvényei. (Orographic control of precipitation)
  • Spatial variability of Late-Quaternary paleoclimates in the western United States
  • Atmospheric circulation ; Climatic anomaly ; Orographic effect ; Palaeoclimate ; Palaeoclimatology ; Precipitation ; Quaternary ; Spatial variation ; Temperature ; United States of America ; Western United States
  • This paper examines modern climate analogues of the western United States for 18,000 and 9000 yr B.P. in order to explain patterns of spatial heterogeneity. The study area of this paper includes the United States west of 93°W in order to cover
  • Orographic precipitation, some observations and a simple two-dimensional model in Climatological extremes in the mountains, Physical background, geomorphological and ecological consequences.
  • A dynamical model of the atmosphere has been used as a basis for some simulations of orographic precipitation. It is originally a boundary layer model with a sophisticated turbulence closure and here a two-dimensional version has been used. A scheme
  • Orographic effect of the Western Ghats on the monsoon rainfall
  • The orographic modulation of pre-warm-front precipitation in southern New England
  • , mostly erosional landforms. An importance of oblique directions of orographic axes is manifested, together with longitudinal and latitudinal directions as well as arcuate connections. A hierarchic structure is clearly seen : landforms of one rank
  • are united in consequtive order to form landforms of higher rank. The technique of the map compiling is described, its contents and some implications are considered.
  • Atmospheric circulation ; Cluster analysis ; Methodology ; Orographic effect ; Precipitation ; Synoptic climatology ; United Kingdom ; Wales
  • Aerial photography ; California ; Glacier ; Moraine ; Palaeo-environment ; Photointerpretation ; Rock glacier ; Sierra Nevada ; Snow line ; Thermokarst ; United States
  • -shaped rock glaciers) and many Matthes moraines are ice-cored and glacial in origin. Matthes and Recess Peak ELA (equilibrium-line altitudes) gradients along the crest evidently depend strongly on local orographic effects rather than latitudinal climatic
  • Uslovija za pridvikvane na konvektivnite oolacija ot orografeki vazvastenija Conditions for movement of convective clouds by orographic hills
  • Catchment area;Watershed ; Faroe Islands ; Geographical information system ; Numerical model ; Orographic effect ; Precipitation
  • This article will demonstrate how a digital elevation model for a catchment area on the Faeroe Islands has been used in a geographical information system to select suitable sites for rain gauge mounting in order to reflect the orographic conditions