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  • Atlas of youth unemployment, 1981. The geographic distribution of youth unemployment in Australian cities from the 1981 Census according to birthplace and gender.
  • Migration and unemployment duration among young adults
  • Adults ; Human capital ; Internal migration ; Labour market ; Labour migration ; Manpower ; Unemployment ; United States of America
  • longer durations of unemployment than those who did not migrate. The rate at which they find jobs is linked to how long they have been unemployed and to other characteristics.
  • The political cycle and the distribution of regional unemployment
  • This paper analyses the impact upon regional unemployment of contemporary Canadian macro-economic policy. It is argued that such policies may severly condition the extent of regional inequality, the spatial distribution of higher aggregate
  • unemployment and the effectiveness of regional policies. Further, the future of regional disparities are directly related to the current debate concerning full employment and economic recovery. Ultimately these issues must be judged in the light
  • Amsterdamned: the rise of unemployment in Amsterdam in the 1980s
  • Amsterdam ; Business cycle ; Economic restructuring ; Employment ; Ethnic group ; Local labour market ; Netherlands (The) ; Social structure ; Unemployment ; Urban economy
  • In the 1970s and the early 1980s, the unemployment rates of Amsterdam and the Netherlands differed only slightly. Among the unemployed in Amsterdam, the proportion of members of the minority population rose considerably. Remarkably enough
  • The sources of metropolitan unemployment fluctuations in the Greater Taipei metropolitan area
  • Econometry ; Industrial development ; Industrial structure ; Matrix analysis ; Shift-share analysis ; Spatial analysis ; Taipei ; Taiwan ; Unemployment ; Urban economy
  • The paper applies shift-share analysis to additionally consider both frictional and structural unemployment, which is composed of sectoral shifts and geographic mismatches.
  • The behavior of regional unemployment rates over time: effects on dispersion and national unemployment
  • Exploratory quantitative analysis of the relationship between accessibility and unemployment in Slovakia
  • Accessibility ; Community ; Correlation ; Methodology ; Quantitative analysis ; Slovak Republic ; Unemployment
  • The main hypothesis is that the communities with lower accessibility have higher rates of unemployment. While Slovakia is the main study area, the Myjava and Skalica Counties are case-study areas. Three approaches are used to evaluate accessibility
  • The influence of unemployment on the level and rate of company formation in Scotland, 1950-1984
  • Three-and-a-half million U.S. employees have been islaid or an explanation of unemployment, 1934-1941
  • The structure of regional unemployment in the Netherlands: an exploratory statistical analysis
  • Rural-urban migration, unemployment and job probabilities: recent theoretical and empirical research
  • Urban unemployment in developing countries. The nature of the problem and proposals for its solution
  • Regional unemployment patterns and the spatial dimensions of macro-economic policy: the Canadian experience 1966-1975
  • Unemployment geography and the new government's regional aid
  • Population trends and demographic factors in Africa with particular reference to unemployment
  • The effects of internal migration on regional wage and unemployment disparities in Canada
  • Unemployment, structural economic change and public policy in British regions
  • Distributed lags in local responses to fluctuations in unemployment
  • Regional policy, urban unemployment and the development of community business in Scotland
  • The age of capital and state unemployment rates