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  • The intra-urban unemployment gradient: the influence of location on unemployement
  • A synoptic view of regional growth and unemployment : 1 - The neoclassical theory
  • The North-South divide : earnings, unemployment and cost of living differences in Great Britain in Twenty-Ninth European Congress. Cambridge, 1989.
  • Factor prices, non-neutral technical change and regional variations in unemployment rates
  • Using a composed error model to estimate the frictional and excess-supply components of unemployment
  • Urban unemployment and the spatial structure of labor markets : an examination of the Todaro paradox in a spatial context
  • Duration of unemployment among men in Northern Ireland : regional inequality or denominational discrimination?
  • Unemployment and City size, the case of the Netherlands
  • The Relation between rate of change of money wage rates and unemployment in local labor markets: some new evidence
  • A regional analysis of the dependency between registered unemployment and the stocks and flows of notified vacancies in Spatial representation workshop special issue.
  • Net migration, unemployment, and the business cycle
  • Disguised, urban unemployment and welfare in a general equilibrium model with segmented labor markets
  • Evaluating the effects of employment changes on local unemployment
  • Structural and cyclical factors in the transmission patterns of unemployment in OECD countries
  • Urban unemployment equilibrium in LDCs: a perspective
  • The spatial variation in unemployment and labour force participation rates of male and female workers
  • Intra-urban unemployment differentials in Sydney, 1971
  • A causal analysis of unemployment and vacancies in British regions 1969-1974
  • Critical problems of geographical unemployment models
  • The estimation of models of local unemployment responses in the presence of autocorrelated errors