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  • The impact of unemployment insurance benefits on the probability of migration of the unemployed
  • The results suggest that federal discretionary unemployment-compensation programs, which are implemented during recessionary periods, likely serve to retard out-migration of those who are involuntarily unemployed.
  • The behavior of regional unemployment rates over time: effects on dispersion and national unemployment
  • Rural-urban migration, unemployment and job probabilities: recent theoretical and empirical research
  • Urban unemployment in developing countries. The nature of the problem and proposals for its solution
  • Distributed lags in local responses to fluctuations in unemployment
  • The age of capital and state unemployment rates
  • Metropolitan and nonmetropolitan: effects of the self-employment bias on unemployment rates
  • The dynamics of regional labour supply and unemployment : the Netherlands 1971-1986 in Spatial labour markets.
  • Family size and unemployment in a multiply deprived urban area
  • The natural rate of unemployment : regional estimates and policy implications
  • Migration, unemployment dispersion and the Phillips curve
  • Industrial diversity, vacancy dispersion, and unemployment
  • Earnings, unemployment and the regional employment structure in Britain
  • The cyclical sensitivity of regional unemployment : an assessment
  • Labor market efficiency and the dynamic behavior of regional unemployment differentials
  • A geographical model of job search, migration and unemployment in Twenty-seventh North American Meetings, Milwaukee, 1980.
  • Industrial decline and unemployment in the inner city areas of Great Britan: a review of the evidence
  • Unemployment or pollution? Attitudes of the French working class to environmental issues
  • Economic crisis and the introduction of modern technologies have aggravated the employment problem also in industrially advanced developing countries as Brasil. The article deals with the issue of possibilities of overcoming unemployment
  • Three studies: the functions of metropolitan government in seven western democracies| some questions on unitary development plans| local unemployment rates, statistical sensitivities and policy implications.