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  • The political cycle and the distribution of regional unemployment
  • This paper analyses the impact upon regional unemployment of contemporary Canadian macro-economic policy. It is argued that such policies may severly condition the extent of regional inequality, the spatial distribution of higher aggregate
  • unemployment and the effectiveness of regional policies. Further, the future of regional disparities are directly related to the current debate concerning full employment and economic recovery. Ultimately these issues must be judged in the light
  • Regional unemployment patterns and the spatial dimensions of macro-economic policy: the Canadian experience 1966-1975
  • The effects of internal migration on regional wage and unemployment disparities in Canada
  • Regional unemployment in Canada in the 1981-4 recession
  • The unemployment problem: its nature, extent and responsiveness to public and private initiatives.
  • The regional labor market adjustment process: determinants of changes in rates of labor force participation, unemployment, and migration