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  • Collectivization in China: some comparisons with the USSR
  • Geography of the USSR
  • The protection of nature in the USSR: scientific and organizational principles
  • The Turkic-Muslim nationalities of the USSR
  • Glaciation in the East European region of the USSR in Quaternary glaciations in the Northern Hemisphere.
  • Review of the iron and steel industry in the former USSR in 1991
  • Ex-USSR ; Industrial production ; Industry ; Iron ; Statistical data ; Steel
  • Major spatial and economic trends in the USSR fossil fuel sector, 1975-1990
  • Coal ; Energy ; Former USSR ; Fuel ; Hydrocarbon ; Investment ; Production
  • Recent developments in large-scale water transfers in the USSR
  • Current status and future plans for large-scale water transfers in the USSR (European diversion projects and Siberian diversion projects)| account given by G. V. Voropaev, director of the Insitute of water problems in Moscow.
  • Settlement in large cities of the USSR
  • The issue of the effectiveness of large cities as forms of settlement remains a lively topic of debate in the USSR. Categorizing the issue into three aspects (economic, ecological and social) the A. reviews the arguments pro and con, with a tone
  • The geography of radioactive contamination in the former USSR
  • Chernobyl ; Former USSR ; Nuclear power station ; Pollution ; Radioactive pollution ; Radioactive waste ; Radioactivity ; Raw materials ; Uranium
  • Man and the Biosphere (MAB) Project in Europe and the former USSR
  • Review of Man-and-the-Biosphere programme in 21 areas of Austria, France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, and the former USSR. Only some of the objectives defined in 1973 were realized primarily because of institutional factors. - (DWG)
  • Water diversion proposals for the European USSR: status and trends
  • An American specialist on water diversion in the Soviet Union reviews the situation with respect to the proposed transfer projects within the European USSR, which are expected to receive priority over the proposed transfer of water from Western
  • The dynamics of commuting in the USSR and some approaches to forecasting
  • The overall magnitude of commuting for various purposes in prerevolutionary Russia and in the USSR is traced historically and dramatic increases in the number of commuters are identified. Some general correlations are derived between numbers
  • The island of Rügen and new Baltic ferry links with the USSR
  • Map-making to 1900: an historical glossary of cartographic innovations and their diffusion. Preliminary study, presented on the occasion of the Eight International Conference on Cartography, Moscow, USSR, 3-10 August 1976
  • Comparison of approaches to soil classification in the USSR and Canada
  • Main features, trends and problems of human settlement in the USSR in Population and settlement structure. Analytical and policy approaches.
  • Mineral and energy resources of the USSR. A selected bibliography of sources in English.
  • Types of urbanization in the USSR
  • Agricultural typology of the USSR