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  • Land use and land cover 1970-1972. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
  • Fond de carte de l'US Geological Survey, 1958-69. Traitement informatique et emploi de la cartographie automatique pour la représentation des différents types d'utilisation du sol figurés par des nombres sur la carte correspondant à la
  • Department of the Interior. US Geological Survey, Etats-Unis
  • Landslide susceptibility mapping by correlation between topography and geological structure : the Janghung area, Korea
  • Fault ; Geographical information system ; Geological structure ; Landslide ; Natural hazards ; Research technique ; South Korea ; Thematic map ; Topography
  • The aim of this study is to develop and apply the technique for landslide susceptibility analysis using geological structure in a Geographic Information System (GIS). In the Janghung area of Korea, landslide locations were detected from Indian
  • Remote Sensing (IRS) satellite images by change detection, where the geological structure of foliation was surveyed and analysed. The landslide occurrence factors (location of landslide, geological structure and topography) were constructed into a spatial
  • database. Using the geometrical relations, the landslide susceptibility was assessed and verified.
  • Banque de données ; Cartographie automatique ; Donnée cartographique ; Etats-Unis ; Gestion ; Généralités sur la géographie ; Informatique ; Projet ; Système ; US Geological Survey
  • Le National Mapping Division de l'US Geological Survey élabore un projet de constitution de bases de données cartographiques et géographiques à l'échelle nationale. Exposé du processus futur de cartographie| principes de constitution de la base en
  • Impact cratering phenomenon for the Ries multiring structure based on constraints of geological, geophysical, and petrological studies and the nature of the impacting body in Impact and explosion cratering. Planetary and terrestrial implications.
  • US Geological Survey, Etats-Unis
  • Geologic map of the Yemen arab Republic (San'a). 1: 500000.
  • US Geological Survey, Etats-Unis
  • Geological and geomorphological aspects of the central-western area of the Carsoli basin (L'Aquila, Italy)
  • This paper presents the results of a geological and geomorphological study carried out in the central-western area of the Carsoli basin (AQ) during the survey of the Geomorphological Sheet 367 Tagliacozzo. The existence of a local Middle Pleistocene
  • volcanism in this part of the Central Apennines has allowed for the acquisition of some useful morpho-stratigraphic, palaeoenvironmental information. This sector is a key area to be considered for a future morpho-evolutional reconstruction of the entire
  • The use of lichen growth rings in lichenometry : some preliminary findings
  • This study presents some preliminary observations on the marginal growth rings observed in a population of Ochrolechia parella (L.) growing at a maritime site in north Wales, and also a small experiment using lichens with marginal growth rings
  • [b2] British Geological Survey, Edinburgh, Royaume-Uni
  • [a1] British Geological Survey, Edinburgh, Royaume-Uni
  • Landslide hazard zoning using genetic programming
  • and to induce a model for landslide hazard zoning using readily available data. The hazard maps are compared, both quantitatively and qualitatively, to a landslide-hazard map of the same area previously created by USGS (United States Geological Survey
  • Genetic programming (GP) is presented as a technique to induce models that can be used with GIS data to map landslides hazard zones. This study explores the use of GP to discover causative or associative factors most important to landslides
  • US Department of State. Agency for International Dévelopment. US Geological Survey, Etats-Unis
  • Ministry of Mines. Geological Survey, Indonesie
  • surveys at 10 geologically diverse areas in the delta plain provided a basis for estimating the total volume of accommodation formed by interior-wetland subsidence and subsequent erosion. Results indicate that at most of the study areas subsidence
  • [b1] US Geological Survey, Texas, Austin, Etats-Unis
  • [b2] US Geological Survey, Florida, St Petersburg, Etats-Unis
  • [b4] US Army Engineer Research and Development Center, Environmental Lab., Baton Rouge, Etats-Unis
  • A general geological survey in Qiangtang plateau, North Xizang (Tibet).
  • Geochemical soil surveys over Cambrian and lower Devonian formations in the Belgian Ardennes as a tool for geological mapping
  • years near Lochinver. Other growth processes were monitored over the 5 to 7-year study period, including hypothallus growth, areolae development, thallus coalescence, and inter-species competition. All have important implications for the use
  • [b1] British Geological Survey, Edinburgh, Royaume-Uni
  • [a1] British Geological Survey, Edinburgh, Royaume-Uni
  • and field surveys to identify sites of former perennial snowpatches where lichen populations now exist. As an independent check on lichen mortality by snowkill, and the timing of snow patch disappearance, the AA. use a positive-degree day (PDD) approach
  • This paper presents new lichenometric population data from the Antarctic Peninsula (67°S), and describes a new approach to lichen growth-rate calibration in locations where dated surfaces are extremely rare. The AA. use historical aerial photography
  • [b1] British Geological Survey, Edinburgh, Royaume-Uni
  • [a1] British Geological Survey, Edinburgh, Royaume-Uni
  • [b3] British Antarctic Survey, Cambridge, Royaume-Uni