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  • Typology and regionalization in land use have utilised a combined structurale-homogeneous and functional-genetical approaches on example of the Liptov-Basin. The combined physico-geographical method has allowed finer typological and regional
  • Results of the Polish-Mongolian physico-geographical expedition. Vol. 2. Environment of the Sant Valley (Southern Khangai Mountains)
  • circulation| Present-day soil processes| Geomorphic processes and the present-day relief transformation. 3. Typology and evolution: Elements of the past and present-day tendencies| Typology and asymetry of geosystems| Productivity and utilization
  • of the habitats. Cette monographie physico-géographique de la petite vallée sèche de Sant située dans la partie sud du Khangaï représente le résultat des recherches détaillées faites pendant l'expédition polono-mongole. (B. Endrukajtis).
  • Typology of physical-geographical regions in Poland in line with land-cover structure and its changes in the years 1990-2006
  • Classification ; Land use ; Plant cover ; Poland ; Regionalization ; Typology ; Vegetation dynamics
  • On utilise une division de la Pologne en régions physico-géographiques pour présenter la diversité en termes de couverture végétale et établir une typologie d'unités naturelles (mésorégions), compte tenu de la nature de cette couverture en 2006, et
  • [b1] Faculty of Geographical and Geological sciences, Adam Mickiewicz univ., Poznań, Pologne
  • Applicability of numeric taxonomy methods in agricultural typology. Problems, criteria, and methods of evaluation in The 24th International Geographical Congress, Tokyo, 1980.
  • Evaluation méthodologique des techniques employées pour les typologies agricoles et justification des méthodes adaptées et conçues pour ce genre de problème. Comparaison de six méthodes.
  • Agricultural typology. Proceedings of the eighth meeting of the commission on agricultural typology, International Geographical Union, Odessa, 20-26July 1976
  • Paramètres hydrologiques et physico-chimiques de sources de Haute Belgique : ébauche d'une typologie régionale
  • Aquifer ; Belgium ; Data ; Hydrochemistry ; Hydrogeology ; Springs ; Typology ; Water quality ; Water temperature
  • Présentation de mesures de débits et d'analyses physico-chimiques effectuées sur près de 40 sources de Haute Belgique. - (EM)
  • Hungary ; Landscape ; Settlement ; Tourism ; Typology
  • This study attempts to fill some of the gaps existing in the geographical approach of tourism. A. examines the changing role of landscape, as the basic territorial unit of tourism, in Hungary. The creation of geographical types is based upon
  • the dominant touristic activities, a typology is carried out on settlement level. - (JS)
  • Human impact on the physico-geographical processes. Proceedings of the second Polish-Hungarian seminar, Budapest, September 1975
  • Consequences of landslide dams on alpine river valleys : examples and typology from the French Southern Alps
  • Alpes du Sud ; Dam ; France ; Geographical information system ; Glacial landform ; Landslide ; Sediment budget ; Typology ; Watershed
  • Geograficka regionalizace na uzemi Ceskoslovenska Geographical regionalization in Czechoslovakia
  • The main principles of the geographical regionalization of the Czechoslovak territory. The history of delimitation of the physico-geographical and complex-geographical regions and the present level and needs of regionalization. The applicability
  • of geographical regionalization in the problem of the complex development of regions. - (MS)
  • A study of physico-geographical factors for formation of hyperconcentrated flows in the Loess Plateau of China
  • Most of the data used in this study come from hydrometric stations in the Yellow River basin. The purpose of this study is to elucidate the formation of hyperconcentrated flow in relation to physico-geographical factors at macro spatial scales, so
  • Potencjalna roslinnosc naturalna w nawiazaniu do podzia u fizycznogeograficznego Polesia Podlaskiego. (Potential natural vegetation in reference to the physico-geographical division of Polesie Podlaskie)
  • The paper presents a map of potential natural vegetation of Polesie Podlaskie as well as resulting from that geobotanical problems of spatial differentiation. The attempt of settlement of relations between physico-geographical division and spatial
  • Vertical zonality in the Southern Khangai Mountains, Mongolia. Result of the Polish-Mongolian physico-geographical expedition. Vol. 1
  • Contient: Major physico-geographical features of the southern slope of the Khangai Mountains| Historical review of physico-geographical investigations in the Khangai Mountains| Relief and paleogeography of the Southern Khangai Mountains| Vertical
  • On the elaboration of detailed physico-geographical maps: the case of the Polish lowland
  • . Evocation du problème de contenu et de limites des complexes physico-géographiques. Présentation d'un fragment de la feuille de Golub-Dobrzyn. (Cch).
  • ST Land classification and physico-geographical regionalization of Guiyang
  • Structure of the geographical environment of Lisbetdalen and the adjacent mountains, Sørkapp Land, Spitsbergen
  • Arctic Ocean;Arctic Region ; Cartography ; Cold areas ; Geocomplex ; Geomorphology ; Landscape unit ; Natural environment ; Spitsbergen ; Summer ; Svalbard ; Sørkapp Land ; Taxonomy ; Typology
  • During the summer season of 1983 the basic geocomplexes (uroczysko = microchora) were mapped and typologically classified. The paper contains characteristics of the recognized types and their spatial pattern.―(D'après l'A.).
  • Structure of the geographical environment of the area between two glaciers : Vitkovskibreen and Olsokbreen (Sørkapp Land, Spitsbergen)
  • Arctic Ocean;Arctic Region ; Cartography ; Cold areas ; Geocomplex ; Landscape unit ; Natural environment ; Periglacial features ; Spitsbergen ; Svalbard ; Sørkapp Land ; Taxonomy ; Typology
  • In the summer of 1986 the basic geocomplexes («uroczysko » unit or « microchore ») were mapped in the area of investigation and later typologically classified. The present paper contains the characteristics of geocomplexes belonging to particular
  • Dairy farming in Finland. Geographical aspects of the development, typology and economics of Finnish dairy farming
  • Definition ; Social capital ; Theory ; Typology
  • The paper presents a survey of selected theoretical and methodological issues surrounding social capital as well as applicable approaches to its study, with an emphasis on the concept's geographical aspects. Attention is focused, prima¬rily
  • , on definitions of the term social capital, upon which the outlined typology of different forms of social capital is based. - (EN)
  • Geopolitics ; International migration ; Natural hazards ; Refugees ; Typology
  • The article is about the new kind of migrant recently defines as ecorefugee. In particular, the contribution focuses on the definition, still under debate, the geographic distribution and the problems related to the quantitative assessment
  • of the phenomenon. It also refers to the relationship between ecorefugee and internally displaced persons with reference to recent natural disasters (L’Aquila earthquake and Katrina hurricane). Finally, the typology is interpreted from a geopolitical point of view