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  • Sidi Bou Said village, Tunisia
  • Binary outcomes and endogenous explanatory variables: tests and solutions with an application to the demand for contraceptive use in Tunisia
  • Birth control ; Demography ; Estimation ; Family size ; Fertility ; Monte Carlo analysis ; Probability ; Tunisia
  • Precipitation at Zriba village (NE-Tunisia)―Was Segermes a part of the « granary of Rome »?
  • Arid land;Arid environment ; Cereal ; Drought ; Farming;Agriculture ; Historical geography ; Precipitation ; Semi-arid area ; Tunisia
  • The performance of the agricultural sector in Tunisia. An indicator system to measure the performance of agrarian strategies
  • , in turn, differ among different systems. In this article an indicator system will be designed to examine agrarian strategies. The system is applied to evaluate the agrarian development in Tunisia. - (l'A.).
  • Nebkhas, their spatial distribution, morphometry, composition and age, in the Sidi Bouzid area, central Tunisia
  • Arid area ; Dendrochronology ; Dune ; Geomorphometry ; Human impact ; Semi-arid area ; Spatial distribution ; Statistics ; Tunisia
  • Morocco, Tunisia, and Libya : diversity within unity
  • Development ; Economic restructuring ; Economy ; Libya ; Morocco ; Natural environment ; Population ; Social change ; Tunisia
  • Planning for internal migration. The case of Tunisia.
  • complète du même auteur: Planning for Migration, the case of Tunisia, 1979, in Conference on Population and Development, Popul. Geo. Study Group, Cambridge, 15p.
  • Reconstruction of the Holocene water level amplitude of oued Medjerda as an indicator for changes of the environmental conditions in Northern Tunisia
  • Climate oscillation ; Environment ; Geomorphology ; Holocene ; Pedogenesis ; Sedimentation ; Soil ; Tunisia
  • Limestone weathering in contemporary arid environments : a case study from southern Tunisia
  • Algae ; Arid area ; Biogenic process ; Desert ; Geochemistry ; Karst ; Palaeo-environment ; Salt ; Tunisia ; Weathering
  • Weathering features are described from a meteorologically arid area in southern Tunisia. The active development of a complex microkarst and associated salt weathering are combining to destroy linear karstic features such as rillenkarren, widespread
  • Techniques for measuring rock weathering : application to a dated fan segment sequence in southern Tunisia
  • Alluvial cone ; Arid area ; Dating ; Relative dating ; Research technique ; Tunisia ; Weathering
  • Three techniques for measuring rock weathering are applied to a dated sequence of alluvial fan segments in southern Tunisia. Two of these techniques depend on measuring surface roughness (the micro-roughness meter and a displacement approach
  • Seasonal precipitation variability in regional climate simulations over Northern basins of Tunisia
  • Climatic change ; Model ; Northern Tunisia ; Precipitation ; Seasonal variability ; Simulation ; Spatial distribution ; Tunisia
  • Recent aeolian origin of surficial gypsum crusts in southern Tunisia : geomorphological, archaeological and remote sensing evidence
  • Aeolian features ; Archaeology ; C 14 dating ; Duricrust ; Eolian deflation ; Geochronology ; Gypsum ; LANDSAT ; Quaternary ; Remote sensing ; Roman era ; Surface deposits ; Thematic Mapper ; Tunisia
  • of the Chott Djerid basin, southern Tunisia. The research focuses on crusts located on and adjacent to glacis near Tozeur, where a Roman site is located near and within an extensive deposit of surficial gypsum crusts.
  • Sources of sulphur in gypsiferous sediments and crusts and pathways of gypsum redistribution in southern Tunisia
  • Arid area ; Biogeochemical cycle ; Duricrust ; Geochemistry ; Groundwater ; Gypsum ; Isotope analysis ; Sedimentary basin ; Sedimentation ; Tunisia
  • This paper aims to assess the utility of sulphur isotope analysis for providing an insight into the source of the gypsum in the vicinity of the Chott Djerid basin, southern Tunisia. The AA. sampled the isotopic composition of bedrock samples
  • Climate and crop yields in northern Africa (Senegal, Sudan, Tunisia)
  • Geomorfologi i Sidi bou Zid, mellersta Tunisia Géomorphologie à Sidi bou Zid, Tunisie centrale
  • Africa ; Algeria ; Cultivated land;Cultivated surface ; Emigration ; Farming;Agriculture ; Morocco ; Mountain ; Mountain farming ; Northern Africa ; Tunisia ; Wasteland
  • The A. challenges the generalization drawn of the Rif and Tell mountains of Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia as a zone of agricultural collapse, land abandonment and outmigration. More accurately, parts of this region expand and contract at different
  • Internal migration regions in Tunisia: applications of hierarchical clustering to doubly-standardized lifetime migration tables in Population redistribution in Africa.
  • The evolution of human settlements in the Republic of Tunisia in The Mediterranean - I and II : Urban networks at the regional, the national and the local scale.