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  • Climate and crop yields in northern Africa (Senegal, Sudan, Tunisia)
  • Amino acid geochronology of pleistocene littoral deposits in Tunisia in Dating Mediterranean shorelines.
  • The upper Pleistocene loess of southern Tunisia : a statement
  • Late Quaternary deformed shorelines in Tunisia in Dating Mediterranean shorelines.
  • Estimating recharge from ephemeral streams in arid regions: a case study at Kairouan, Tunisia
  • The seasonal and local variations of the diet of the lizard Eremias olivieri (Lacertidae) were studied on the Kerkennah islands, off the coast of Tunisia. A total of 247 stomach was examined. The wide range of the food items ingested, and the lack
  • The occurrence of peridesert loess in the N Saharan margin (with the well known Matmata loess, S Tunisia) and in a S belt (10-13o N) of W and central tropical Africa is related to past main deposition of Saharan dusts (especially during the Upper
  • Two examples of carbonate-beachrock formation have been studied in Tunisia and on the Bahamas. It appears evident that cementation takes place under a cover of sediment where the carbonate grains are immobilized and where primary cements
  • Phytomass measurements were carried out within about thirty ecological systems (mainly steppe vegetation types) of the Presaharian zone of Tunisia. The mean above-ground phytomass of perennial species is between 500 and 700 kg dry matter/ha. About