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  • Internal migration in Tunisia
  • Migration planning: the case for Tunisia
  • Marketing in a developing nation: a case study of household building materials in Tunisia.
  • Non-capitalist relations of production in capitalist society: the hammesat in Southern Tunisia
  • Distribution and formation of rock varnish in southern Tunisia
  • Arid land;Arid environment ; Biogenic action;Biogenic process ; Biogeochemistry ; Dating ; Duricrust ; Geochemistry ; Micromorphology ; Palaeo-environment ; Tunisia ; Weathering
  • Field observations, chemical analysis, electron and light microscopy and radiolabelling experiments provide information on the characteristics, formation and distribution of Fe and Mn rock varnishes in southern Tunisia. The abundance
  • Impact of agricultural research. A seed potato project in Tunisia
  • This paper reports on the result of several years of work carried out by number of individuals from Tunisia and the International Center (CIP) : a viable seed potato program that generates substantial economic returns. Tunisia's experience offers
  • Upper Quaternary eolianites in coastal Tunisia: a review
  • Aeolian features ; Biostratigraphy ; Coastal environment ; Coastal erosion ; Dune ; Quaternary ; Sea level ; Sedimentology ; Tunisia
  • La Tunisia centromeridionale tra oasi e deserto
  • Development ; Economic geography ; Economy ; Modernization ; Society ; Tunisia
  • In the Footsteps of Jedi Knights and Sea Pirates. Hollywood Movies and Tourism in Tunisia
  • Cinema ; Tourism ; Tunisia
  • Rock block monitoring of rapid salt weathering in southern Tunisia
  • Rectangular blocks of York Stone and of concrete placed on a sodium chloride sabkha in southern Tunisia for six years suffered very severe breakdown, thereby indicating the power of salt weathering as a process in sebkha environments.
  • Urban Governance and Urban Development in Tunisia and Morocco today
  • Governance ; Morocco ; Town planning ; Tunisia ; Urban area ; Urban development
  • Urban development in Tunisia showcase Tunis and the mega-project Lac de Tunis, urban crisis and urban governance in Morocco, reorganization urban planning in Morocco, large scale projects in Marrakech and Rabat (siehe MEYER (F.).Geographische
  • A comparative analysis of nebkhas in central Tunisia and northern Burkina Faso
  • Aeolian features ; Aeolian transport ; Africa ; Arid area ; Burkina ; Geomorphometry ; Model ; Sahel ; Soil degradation ; Tunisia
  • This paper reports a comparative analysis of nebkha morphology in central Tunisia and northern Burkina Faso based on a total of 473 measured nebkhas. Nebkhas are mounds composed of wind-borne sediment that accumulated around shrubs. The importance
  • Djebel Aziza-die Ruinen einer Berber-Rückzugssiedlung in Südtunesien. (Djebel Aziza-the ruins of a retreat-settlement of the Berber in southern Tunisia)
  • Oil and regional development. Examples from Algeria and Tunisia
  • Foreign firms benefit from Tunisia's manpower surplus
  • Peasants and planistrators: rural cooperatives in Tunisia
  • Effects of employing dissimilar development strategy for economic independence. Industrialization in Tunisia and Algeria. A comparative study
  • Islamist appeal in Tunisia
  • Remote sensing for developing countries. A case study of Tunisia
  • Labour mobility and manpower planning in Tunisia in Change and development in the Middle East.