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  • Thailand's problem hill tribes
  • The Orang Asli. The aboriginal tribes of peninsula Malaysia
  • The Pashtun of Kunar: tribe, class and community organization
  • The law of the tribe, the law of the nation, and double patriotism in Latin America in Anthropology and social change in rural areas.
  • Approaches to the study of food and prestige in Savannah tribes: Massa and Mussey of northern Cameroon and Chad
  • The spatial knowledge of indigenous people in mountainous environments : a case study of three Taiwanese indigenous tribes
  • Cultural geography ; Cultural studies ; Ethnic community ; Knowledge ; Mental map ; Mountain ; Space ; Taiwan ; Territory ; Topography ; Tribe
  • This article recounts information gleaned from a case study of three indigenous tribes in Taiwan regarding the origin and nature of their spatial knowledge. The results show that spatial components are used for daily activities, as well as having
  • Atlas ; Energy ; Energy consumption ; Environment ; Fertilizer ; Fuel ; Morocco ; Mountain ; Resource management ; Society-environment relationship ; Tribe
  • Annual flows of energy, matter, and money were collected for the Ait Mizane tribe in the Imlil region of the High Atlas. Social and environmental pressures increasingly impinge on the system. - (DWG)
  • Negro slaves of the five civilized tribes
  • Arunachal Pradesh ; Community ; India ; Legal status ; Legislation ; Slavery ; Society ; Tribe
  • The book analyses the emergence of the private property and existence of social stratification among the hill tribes in Arunachal Pradesh. The A. questions the validity of the myths of egalitarianism and non-hierarchism among the tribes. The book
  • Encyclopaedia of North India. Volume 1 : The North-East : part 1, History of the region, part 2, The Ahom period, part 3, The British period, Volume 2 : Assam, Volume 3 : Arunachal Pradash, Manipur, Volume 4 : Naga tribes, Meghalaya
  • Community ; Cultural studies ; Ethnic community ; History ; India ; Language ; Tribe
  • The Southern Palestine Bedouin tribes and British mandate relations, 1917-48 : resistance to colonialism
  • Asia ; Bedouins ; British people ; Colonialism ; Historical geography ; Palestine ; Security ; The 1920's ; The 1930's ; The 1940's ; Tribe
  • Asia ; Colonization ; Galilee ; Historical geography ; Palestine ; Pastoralism ; Sedentarization ; Settlement ; Tribe
  • Previous research has tended to emphasize the impact of Jewish colonization as having improved the economic status of the bedouin tribes. Rather than emphasizing economic improvement, this paper stresses the dimension of the detribalization
  • India ; Livestock farming ; Mountain ; Tamil Nadu ; Tribe
  • The Todas are a scheduled tribe of India, occupying highlands around the upper Nilgiris. They were formerly entirely dependent on buffaloes and had invented the most complicated dairy rituals ever devised. The Todas have recently switched
  • Modernization and adaptation of a sub-Himalayan tribe in The Himalayas. Profiles of modernisation and adaptation.
  • Collective work in five chapters. The paper emphasizes on the need to reform the curriculum and to develop a modern education system. The position of the Hill Tribes of Thailand in the geopolitics of the Cold War as well as the impact of modern
  • curriculum on hill tribes are explained. Introduction : Understanding the challenges of the educational reform in Thailand. 1- Reinforcing Thai wisdom with local curriculum at school ; 2- Modern education systems and impact on ethnic minorities ; 3
  • Agriculture ; Asia ; Burma ; China ; Cultural studies ; Ethnic community ; Language ; Laos ; Migration ; Minority ; Resource management ; Settlement ; South-Eastern Asia ; Thailand ; Trans-border area ; Tribe ; Vietnam ; Village
  • ? Relationship changes between lowlander and hill tribes in Xishuangbanna, China.
  • Hill ; Himalaya ; India ; Project ; Resource management ; Rural development ; Thailand ; Tribe ; Watershed
  • and landless. Author reviews lessons of World Bank watershed projects in India. Thai workshop centered on 18-year experience of the GTZ-funded Thai-German Highland Development Project, which has dealt with development issues associated with the Hill Tribes
  • Langhausgemeinschaft und Brandrodungsfeldbau bei den Iban in Sarawak/Borneo. (Longhouse community and shifting cultivation of the Iban tribe of Sarawak/Borneo)
  • Amerindians ; Colonialism ; Conflict ; Cultural landscape ; Environment ; Land ; Land use ; Social justice ; Sovereignty ; Tribe ; United States of America ; Utah
  • and politics of tribal sovereignty, the A. argues that a prolonged process of historical colonialism has produced a landscape of injustice in which the tribe's choices have been structurally limited. Conflict over the definition and practice of tribal
  • Acculturation ; Cameroon ; Cultural studies ; Deforestation ; Ethnic community ; Forest ; Schooling ; Traditional society ; Tribe