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  • Writing travel/travelling writing : Roland Barthes detours the Orient
  • Cultural studies ; Discourse ; Literature ; Perception ; Traveller's tale
  • The paper offers a contribution to the recent emergence in geography of studies of travel writers and the production of other representations of the non-Western world. A number of writers, influenced by Said's work Orientalism, have considered
  • A microlevel analysis of residential context and travel time
  • Behaviour ; Commuting ; Form of transport ; Mode choice ; Multivariate analysis ; Netherlands (The) ; Residential environment ; Transport ; Travel time ; Trip
  • By using data from the 1998 Netherlands National Travel Survey, the AA. consider travel time associated with trip purpose and transport mode and show that sociodemographic factors and residential context influence daily travel time.
  • Recreational travel to New South Wales beaches
  • Certain social profile variables known to affect recreational travel are discussed, and considered in relation to the movement of day trippers to beaches in Southern New South Wales. The relationships between these variables and distances travelled
  • The effect of social heterogeneity within urban travel corridors on the travel behavior of residents
  • Travelling as being : understanding mobility amongst Scottish Gypsy Travellers
  • Daily life ; Emotion ; Living conditions ; Mobility ; Scotland ; Social exclusion ; Society ; Travellers ; United Kingdom
  • The paper uses Heidegger's conceptual thinking to understand the Traveller's being on the move. Thinking is offered through affectivity, emergence and potentiality to recognise multiple ways through which travelling people sense place and movement
  • Rozvoj cestovniho ruchu a rekreace v CSSR a jeho uzemni organizace The development of travelling and recreation in Czechoslovakia and its territorial organization
  • An evaluation of effectual forms of the inland travelling and recreation. Development of the share of the population in travelling, local conditions, regional organisation and the prospects of free and fixed-term travelling in Czechoslovakia. - (MS)
  • Missionary Travels : Livingstone, Africa and the Book
  • Africa ; Exploration ; Imperialism ; Journey ; Nineteenth Century ; Traveller's tale
  • Missionary Travels became one of the best known works of travel writing in the English language, and it was widely read, reproduced and translated. In order to appreciate the significance and impact of Missionary Travels within Britain and beyond
  • Transportation and the experience of travel
  • David Livingstone's missionary travels in Britain and America : exploring the wider circulation of a Victorian travel narrative
  • Exploration ; Geographical knowkedge ; Nineteenth Century ; South Africa ; Trade ; Traveller's tale
  • First published in London in 1857 by Murray, Livingstone's Missionary Travels and Researches in South Africa was the bestselling travel narrative in nineteenth-century Britain. The remarkable commercial success it enjoyed helps to explain
  • the significant scholarly attention it has attracted to date. The paper extends the critical focus, demonstrating that the remarkable appetite for knowledge of Livingstone and his travels at this time gave rise to a set of alternative accounts. While
  • Threshold of tolerance model : strategy for international travel
  • Air transport ; Airline company ; Australia ; Business travel ; Firm strategy ; Management ; Model ; Organization ; Tolerance threshold ; Transport
  • The purpose of this research is to investigate what factors influence the management of International Business Air Travel (IBAT). The researchers interviewed business travellers, travel organisers and executives involved in IBAT from ten
  • organisations in differing industries, in Australia. It is found that there are a multitude of factors influencing IBAT management, including professionalism and job satisfaction of travellers and the achievement of organisational goals such as carrying out
  • likely to be met and where IBAT is most likely to be well managed for both travellers and organisations.
  • Telecommunications and travel : substitution of modified behavior?
  • Tourist travel in the Tatra Mountains
  • Travels in Arabia.
  • A price resistance model for personal travel
  • Adventure travel and sustainable tourism in the peripheral economy of Nepal
  • The paper analyzes adventure travel in Nepal and places it within the theoretical frameworks of tourism models and sustainable development. Building on core-periphery tourism theory, an adventure travel spatial-linkage model is proposed
  • Mapping migration : experiencing geography through travelers' diaries
  • Didactics ; Form of transport ; Location ; Migration ; Place ; Practical work ; Teaching of geography ; Traveller's tale ; United States of America
  • Using three nineteenth-century diaries of travelers in the USA to trace movements and observations of physical and human phenomenon. Involving students in people's lives is an effective way to interest students in geography. - (DWG)
  • History of geography ; Philosophy ; The 1910's ; Traveller's tale
  • Philosophy doesn’t travel, observed in the XVIII century Jean-Jacques Rousseau and George Foster (a traveler). In fact, not many philosophers have left us a diary of travel, except the Reisetagebuch by Hermann Keyserling, geographer of spirit. - (NF)
  • (Luigi Castiglioni's) Viaggio, Travels in the United States of North America 1785-87.
  • A complete English translation of a detailed account of travel in the United States during the eighteenth century by Italian botanist Luigi Castiglioni. Includes description of travel along the Eastern Seaboard from Vermont to Georgia. Includes
  • Solving environmental problems caused by adventure travel in developing countries : the Everest environmental expedition
  • Experiences learned on a 1990 expedition to Mt. Everest to specifically remove trash generated by foreign travellers.―(DWG)
  • Travel, tourism, and geographic field work : Project Marco Polo 1992
  • Pedagogy ; Practice of geography ; Teaching of geography ; Tourism ; Traveller's tale