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  • Non-urban policies as urban policies in US urban policy.
  • Construction urbaine ; Développement urbain ; Etats-Unis ; Fiscalité ; Géographie de l'Amérique ; Intervention gouvernementale ; Investissement ; Politique locale ; Politique urbaine ; Rénovation urbaine ; Suburbanisation ; Transport urbain
  • Analyse des répercussions des programmes gouvernementaux sur l'espace et la société urbains : transport, logement, rénovation, emploi, lutte contre la pauvreté. Réflexions sur l'investissement et la fiscalité. Renforcement du processus
  • The American environment: perceptions and policies
  • Aménagement ; Amérique du Nord ; Canada ; Environnement ; Etats-Unis ; Géographie de l'Amérique ; Perception ; Politique ; Transport ; Utilisation du sol ; Ville
  • Treize contributions sur la perception de l'environnement, la ville américaine, les problèmes de transport, et les diverses utilisations du sol.
  • The impact of changes in pricing policy upon transit riders of varying ages in Chicago
  • Chicago ; Comportement ; East North Central States ; Etats-Unis ; Géographie de l'Amérique ; Illinois ; Tarif ; Transport public ; Transport urbain
  • Regional air carriers in Canada: network evolution and government policy
  • Années 1960-1981 ; Canada ; Géographie de l'Amérique ; Ligne aérienne ; Politique gouvernementale ; Réseau aérien ; Transport ; Transport aérien
  • du transport aérien va favoriser la convergence des compagnies régionales et nationales. (ALS).
  • Planning strategies and policies for metropolitan Lima
  • Croissance urbaine ; Exode rural ; Ghum ; Géographie de l'Amérique ; Hiérarchie urbaine ; Lima ; Organisation de l'espace ; Politique urbaine ; Pérou ; Réseau urbain ; Transport urbain ; Urbanisation ; Urbanisme
  • The improbability of urban policies the case of the United States
  • ; Secteur privé ; Système économique ; Transport urbain
  • les initiatives dans différents secteurs (transport, logement, redéveloppement, localisation industrielle). Il y a peu d'espoir que l'Administration Reagan impose une politique au service des habitants, seule une pression des citoyens pourrait y
  • Antilles ; Commerce maritime ; Cuba ; Dominicaine, république ; Droit de la mer ; Délimitation de l'espace ; Espace ; Espace maritime ; Grandes Antilles ; Géographie de l'Amérique ; Ile ; Jamaïque ; Législation ; Perception ; Pêche ; Transport
  • The influence of different perception on the national policy of the delimitation of the sea and the use of marine resources is shown in comparing the three island-states Cuba, Dominican Republic and Jamaica as a part of the Greater Antilles
  • Labor market and policy constraints on the work disincentive effect of welfare
  • The Brazilian economic miracle and regional policy: some evidence from the urban Northeast
  • The roles of government in housing policy: a Canadian perspective and overview in Perspectives on Canadian planning.
  • Inflation, growth and wage policy. A Brazilian perspective
  • Farm and food policy. Issues of the 1980s.
  • Energy and USA social policy: the opportunity for the left
  • Dynamics of food policy formulation in the USA
  • Policies for nonmetropolitan areas
  • Research policy and review 16. Geographical disparities in state cancer prevention policies : the need for strong federal intervention
  • A further evaluation of the policy for the integration of the Amazon region (1974-1976)
  • Since 1964 the Brazilian regime has been trying to integrate the Amazon region more into the national economy and society. This article deals with the policy for the integration of the Amazon region since 1974. In that year the colonisation
  • socially inspired development policy. The government policy has mainly favoured elites and companies from the Southeast and from abroad. The continuation of such a development policy will probably only lead to a further spatial expansion of structures
  • Federal regional development policies in Canada : employment impact in Quebec and the Atlantic Provinces
  • Three separate econometric methods based on a shift-share model of employment change are used to assess the effect of federal Department of Regional Economic Expansion policies in creating manufacturing employment in the province of Quebec
  • The changing structure of the food processing industry: description, causes, impacts and policy alternatives
  • Industry description and trends in structure. Concentration in food processing. Increasing diversification, conglomeration and vertical integration. Impacts of changing structure of the industry. Policies regarding structure of the industry. (INRA).
  • Wildfire in the West's woods : fire policy in the wake of the fires of 1988
  • Discussion of a recent fire policy of let it burn , which in 1988 allowed naturally caused fires to spread in Yellowstone and Yosemite Parks. - (DWG)