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  • A further evaluation of the policy for the integration of the Amazon region (1974-1976)
  • Since 1964 the Brazilian regime has been trying to integrate the Amazon region more into the national economy and society. This article deals with the policy for the integration of the Amazon region since 1974. In that year the colonisation
  • socially inspired development policy. The government policy has mainly favoured elites and companies from the Southeast and from abroad. The continuation of such a development policy will probably only lead to a further spatial expansion of structures
  • 1978
  • A policy analysis of Brazil's Agriculture: is the long term strategy jeopardized at last?
  • From a development viewpoint this paper seeks to present the main long-term characteristics of the current strategy for agricultural development in Brazil. It provides an evaluation of effects of previous policies and programmes as well as scope
  • 1978
  • This paper analyses the impact upon regional unemployment of contemporary Canadian macro-economic policy. It is argued that such policies may severly condition the extent of regional inequality, the spatial distribution of higher aggregate
  • unemployment and the effectiveness of regional policies. Further, the future of regional disparities are directly related to the current debate concerning full employment and economic recovery. Ultimately these issues must be judged in the light
  • of the political-economic context in which public policy is designed. (AGD).
  • 1978
  • Urban policy implementation in the Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Puerto Rico
  • 1978
  • Regional unemployment patterns and the spatial dimensions of macro-economic policy: the Canadian experience 1966-1975
  • 1978
  • Population redistribution and migration policy in the U.S. urban context in Urban development in the USA and Hungary.
  • 1978