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  • Transnational companies are going global : the case of Philips
  • Hong Kong firms in the ASEAN region: transnational corporations and foreign direct investment
  • Development strategy ; Direct investment ; Enterprise ; Finance ; Hong Kong ; Indonesia ; Industrial branch ; Industrialization ; Investment ; Malaysia ; Management ; Philippines ; Singapore ; South-Eastern Asia ; Thailand ; Trade ; Transnational
  • Some facets of the economic links between Hong Kong and the ASEAN are studied in relation to the transnational operations of HK firms and their investment flows in ASEAN. Transnational corporations in the tertiary sector are inclined to establish
  • Transnational corporations and European regional restructuring
  • Economic impact ; Economic restructuring ; Europe ; Firm strategy ; German Democratic Republic ; Ireland ; Italy ; Portugal ; Regional economy ; Spain ; Transnational corporation ; Urban economy
  • of transnational corporations, the impact of transnational corporations in the Republic of Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Eastern Germany and Hungary. - (AGD)
  • Business networks and transnational corporations: a study of Hong Kong firms in the ASEAN region
  • Asia ; Economic system ; Enterprise ; Foreign investment ; Hong Kong ; Network ; Organization ; Regulation ; Societal relations ; South-Eastern Asia ; Transnational corporation
  • Arising from empirical research into the transnational operations of Hong Kong-based firms in Southeast Asia, the paper is concerned with the organizational processes of transnationalization. A network perspective specifies that three dimensions
  • (extrafirm, interfirm and intrafirm) of transnational organizations must be addressed simultaneously. The A. argues that social and business natworks are necessary mechanisms of transnationalization.
  • An African enclave in China : the making of a new transnational urban space
  • Revue de la littérature sur ce sujet. Enclaves ethniques transnationales à Canton. L'espace transnational africain à Xiaobei : une étude empirique.
  • Transnational state entrepreneurship ? Assessing Singapore's Suzhou Industrial Park project (1994-2004)
  • Enterprise ; Entrepreneurship ; Internationalization ; Project ; Singapore ; Transnational corporation
  • Globalising Singapore : debating transnational flows in the city
  • The AA. examine debates in Singapore focused on four categories of transnational flows : the transnational business class, a large group of low-waged immigrants, specialists who enliven the cultural and artistic scene, and world tourists attracted
  • Budapest as a destination of migration: the view of transnational creative workers
  • Based on the results of empirical research the authors tried to assess those triggers and motivations that are decisive in attracting and settling down of transnational migrants in Budapest. The paper highlights the most relevant findings about how
  • foreign creative workers see the city and how they evaluate its potentials, strengths and weaknesses. At the end of the paper few recommendations are formulated for decision-makers to make Budapest more attractive for creative transnational migrants. - (AM)
  • (Re)producing Salvadoran transnational geographies
  • This account of the Salvadoran transnational social field centered in northern New Jersey contributes to the development of transnational theory. The AA. argue that aspects of daily life became associated with an experience of space-time relations
  • The geographer as external consultant for transnational corporations in Latin America
  • Transnational capital and urbanization on the Pacific Rim : an introduction
  • Habiter le transnational : politiques de l espace, travail globalise et subjectivites entre Java, Kuala Lumpur et Singapour
  • Transnational geographies : rescaling development, migration, and religion. Theme issue
  • Six articles. 1. Les identités du migrant transnational et le paradoxe de la racialisation tibétaine aux Etats-Unis. 2. Migration et habitus transnational : les exemples du Canada et des Philippines. 3. Les réseaux transnationaux de développement. 4
  • : construction et contestation de la nation, de la transnation et lieu.
  • Transnational « Maquiladora » location
  • Control ; Development ; Economic dependency ; Frontier region ; Industrial location ; Industrialization ; Location choice ; Mexico ; Plant;Factory ; Product lifecycle ; Transnational corporation
  • Corporate greening of foreign transnationals in Singapore
  • Enquiry ; Enterprise ; Environment ; Environmental conservation ; Firm strategy ; Impact ; Industry ; Regulation ; Singapore ; Transnational corporation
  • The political economy of transnational corporations : a study of the regionalization of Singaporean firms
  • Capitalism ; Economic indicators ; Enterprise ; Internationalization ; Investment ; Market ; Regionalization ; Singapore ; State control ; Transnational corporation
  • Managing the transnational law firm : a relational analysis of professional systems, embedde actors, and time-space-sensitive governance
  • Capitalism ; Firm ; Globalization ; Management ; Profession ; Transnational corporation
  • The value of single-site ethnography in the global era : studying transnational experiences in the migrant house
  • and emotionality of transnational experiences can be studied in one place : the migrant house.
  • Networks, scale, and transnational corporations : the case of the South Korean seed industry
  • Comparative study ; Enterprise ; Firm strategy ; Glocalisation ; Network ; South Korea ; Transnational corporation
  • Transnational co-operation and its contribution to spatial development and EU enlargement. The case of INTERREG IIIB in northern Poland
  • planning regarded as a tool co-ordinating various human activities within a space. They have brought important good practices and know-how concerning spatial development in the future transnational cooperation projects will compete for resources