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  • Boundary ; Demographic behaviour ; Demography ; Discontinuity ; Europe ; Fertility ; Government ; Induced effect ; Spatial analysis ; Territorial structure ; Trans-border area
  • Atlas ; Belgium ; Demographic change ; Demographic structure ; Europe ; Fertility ; Luxembourg ; Migratory balance ; Mortality ; Northern France ; Population ; Population distribution ; Settlement ; Trans-border area
  • In-migration as a new process in demographic problem areas of the Alps, ghost towns vs. amenity settlements in the Alpine border area between Italy and Slovenia
  • Alps (The) ; Demographic change ; Depopulation ; Europe ; Immigration ; Italy ; Local amenities ; Mountain ; Rural community ; Slovenia ; Trans-border area
  • the most influential. Its centuries-old presence, its demographic weight, the richness of its transnational network, its cultural, economical and political influence in the zone raise a series of question. Members of the Chinese Diaspora have secured
  • important position in the fields of politics, administration, education and religion. The existences of informal and trans-national networks can also help the development of criminal activities tending to forge business link with their foreign counterparts
  • Hierarchie reality a hodnoceni demografickych a geodemografickych systému. (The hierarchy of reality and the assessment of demographic and geo-demographic systems)
  • Dynamics of socio-economic evolution. Gnoseological and ontological principles are the point of departure for a classification of real systems. Types of developing processes. The specifies of demographic and geo-demographic systems provided both
  • A demographic study of Hokkaido and the rest of Japan. The application of the multiregional demographic model
  • Adoption of a multiregional demographic model to study the demographic behaviour of Hokkaido in relation to the national context. Results show a striking high rate of out-migration of young people in the 15-19 years age-group from Hokkaido
  • The demographic explosion: the Latin American experience
  • Demographic responses and demographic transitions: a case study of Sweden
  • Belgium ; Counterurbanization ; Demographic change ; Europe ; Exurban settlement ; Germany ; North-Eastern France ; Northwestern Europe ; Periurban development ; Population distribution ; Population redistribution ; Rural area ; Rurbanization
  • ; Settlement ; Trans-border area ; Wallonie
  • Demographic influences on migration
  • Age group ; Demographic change ; Demographic cycle ; Demographic structure ; Internal migration ; Interregional migration ; Migration model
  • Population policies and the demographic process : an appraisal of Sri Lankan experience
  • Fertility and mortality estimation from the Panama retrospective demographic survey, 1976
  • Some demographic indicators for Khartoum conurbation, Sudan
  • Demographic profile of Ukrainian Americans, 1970
  • The demographic transition: model and reality in (Mélanges en l'honneur d'Ilmari Hustich).
  • Demographic change ; Demographic structure ; Hungary ; International migration ; Regional development
  • The A. associates processes of spatial migration with the goals of regional development and their demographic consequences in the various regions. The Hungarian demographic processes are investigated in an internatioanl framework and, in addition
  • Zakonitosti vyvoje demografickych systému. (Laws of development of demographic systems)
  • The trends of the world demographic revolution reflects the differentiation of particular populations. In the developed countries the demographic revolution has already been completed, in the developing countries it is taking place. Now, it has
  • Demographic analysis ; Demographic change ; Demographic structure ; Demography ; Handbook ; Population
  • Aragón ; Demographic analysis ; Demographic change ; Demographic structure ; Demography ; Population projection ; Spain ; Zaragoza
  • The second demographic transition: what does it mean for the future of Europe's population?
  • Data ; Demographic change ; Demographic structure ; Demographic transition ; Demography ; Europe ; Fertility ; Natural increase ; Population projection