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  • Paleoenvironmental changes and geochemistry of loesses and paleosols in SE-Transdanubia, Hungary
  • Geochemistry ; Grain size distribution ; Hungary ; Loess ; Palaeo-environment ; Palaeoclimate ; Palaeosol ; Transdanubia ; Weathering
  • This paper discusses the relation between geochemical properties of loess-paleosol sequences and paleoclimate in SE-Transdanubia. Geochemical properties of the sediments reflect the intensity of weathering and soil formation and five sediment types
  • A Dél-Dunantul gazdasagi Térszekezete. (Economic spatial structure of the South Transdanubia)
  • The A. discusses the place of the south Transdanubia in the different hypotheses of Hungary's regional division and suggests a concept to its economic partition. (CK).
  • Settlement density and the natural environment in Southern Transdanubia in Development of settlement systems.
  • Balkans ; Cooperation ; Geography ; History ; Hungary ; Political geography ; Transdanubia
  • The AA. give a geographical and historical description of the South-Transdanubia and the West-Balkan. By the analysis the biggest deficiency of the cooperation can be observed in the field of economy. The authors’ conclusion is that today’s most
  • important element of the cooperation between the two regions is the transit-role played by South-Transdanubia between Central-Europe and West-Balkan. - (AM)
  • A method for complex spatial delimitation of tourism destinations in South Transdanubia
  • Core-periphery ; Demand ; Economic development ; Hungary ; Regional development ; Supply ; Tourism ; Tourist site ; Transdanubia
  • Centro-periferia ; Demanda ; Desarrollo económico ; Desarrollo regional ; Hungría ; Oferta ; Sitio turístico ; Transdanubia ; Turismo
  • Hungary ; Landscape dynamics ; Location ; Methodology ; Microregion ; Transdanubia
  • In this methodological study an attempt is made by the A. to locate Völgység which is a microregion in Transdanubia. In the present article a complex geographical approach to the Völgység region is clearly perceptible. Both the physical and human
  • A természeti kornyezettipusok hatasa a településhalozat sürüségére Dél-Dunantulon. (The effect of physical environment types on the density of Settlement network in South Transdanubia)
  • A délkelet-dunantuli természeti kornyezet et befolyasolo antropogén hatasok osszefoglalo értékelése. (Summarizing evaluation of the anthropogenic effects influencing the physical environment in South-Eastern Transdanubia)
  • A new lithological evaluation and typology of loess exposures in Transdanubia and on the Danube-Tisza Interfluve in Loess and the Quaternary: Chinese and Hungarian case studies.
  • Geomorphological impacts of urbanization : example of Komló, S-Transdanubia, Hungary
  • Drainage ; Environmental conservation ; Geomorphology ; Gully erosion ; Hungary ; Landslide ; Mass movement ; Natural hazards ; Pollution ; Transdanubia ; Urbanization
  • Geographical information system ; Governance ; Hungary ; Local government unit ; Transdanubia
  • The Adatmap pilot program provides information how to use GIS at the local governments in Hungary. The arcticle presents the example of Kozármisleny, one of the most dynamically developing settlements of southern Transdanubia. - (AM)
  • Diffusion ; Hungary ; Microregion ; Mobile phone ; Rural area ; Telecommunications ; Transdanubia ; Village
  • The study is aimed to demonstrate the main characteristics of diffusion process in a less developed rural microregion (Ormánság) in South Transdanubia, Hungary. A survey of the spread of mobile phones in 6 dwarf villages of the Ormánság has led
  • Geochemistry ; Hungary ; Physical geography ; Soil ; Soil properties ; Transdanubia
  • , temperature and incident solar radiation) and the pH, Eh of soils and solute iron in a headwater wetland in Transdanubia, Hungary. - (AM)
  • Hungary ; Modernization ; Small town ; Social geography ; Town ; Transdanubia ; Urban population
  • Author presents a micro-scale comparative investigation with the aim of revealing the internal relationship of two small towns in Western Transdanubia (W-Hungary). It was found by the author that there are exaggerated expectations against local
  • Hungary ; Rural development ; Rural population ; Rural society ; Settlement ; Transdanubia ; Village
  • The development stages of the settlement Kozármisleny (South Transdanubia) were influenced in time and space by natural and social factors differently. The various parts of the settlement show different functions, depending on the types
  • A dél-dunantuli régio kozlekedési halozatanak kialakulasa a termeloerok és a településhalozat területi sajatossagaival osszefüggésben. (The formation of transport network in the South-Transdanubia region in connection with technical progress
  • Dunantuli és Duna-Tisza kozi loszfeltarasok uj szempontu litologiai értékelése és tipizalasa. (A new lithological evaluation and typification of loess exposures in Transdanubia and on the Danube-Tisza Interfluve)
  • A Dél-Dunantul kozponti jellegü településeinek vonzaskorzetrendszere az 1920-as években. (The attraction zone system of settlements with central functions in South-Transdanubia in the 1920s)
  • A Dunantuli-dombsag (Dél-Dunantul).. (Transdanubian Hills (South Transdanubia))
  • Demographic structure ; Ethnic minority ; Germans ; Hungary ; Minority ; Population census ; Spatial distribution ; Transdanubia
  • This paper deals with the historical development of areas dominated traditionally by the German ethnic minority in South Transdanubia (W-Hungary) over the last 120 yaers. Using official census statistics and applying different mathematical methods