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  • Bibliography on economic cooperation among developing countries, 1981-1982, with annotations.
  • Industry-government-academic cooperation: possible benefits for geography
  • Explanation of a third-grade project in a Midwestern USA school which elicited cooperation from 10 different lands in the construction of quilt as a way of awaking a child's interest in the world. - (DWG)
  • Agriculture ; Coopérative agricole ; Espace rural ; Généralités sur la géographie ; Hongrie ; Modèle ; Modèle mathématique ; Optimisation ; Utilisation agricole du sol
  • A dual approach for obtaining lower bounds to the Weber problem. (Symposium on location problems: in memory of Leon Cooper)
  • The planar maximal covering location problem. (Symposium on location problems: in memory of Leon Cooper)
  • Outlines the development and present situation in the cooperation of socialist countries in the four subthemes of III.2. - (DLO)
  • The initiative of Pal Gonczy for producing illustrative materials for geography teaching is shown. The cooperation between map-makers in Hungary and Gotha is followed to our days. - (DLO)
  • The A. describes the involvement of intergovernmental organizations in remote sensing activities : 1) IOC (Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission)| 2) IOMAC (Cooperation in Marine Affairs in the Indian Ocean| 3) ITSU (International Group
  • After dealing with the main positions of geography at school the author gives proposals for changes in geographical cours : cooperation of COMECON-countries, process of differentiation of developing countries in Africa, political and economic
  • of geography. Closer cooperation between the two is urged. (TNC).
  • An integrated landscape research concerns not only an interdisciplinary cooperation in study of man-land interaction, but first of all, the connection of regional management with information systems for landscape. Geography provides, using
  • literature? 4. How is it perceived by geographers in socialist countries? 5. Why is the cooperation between Western and Socialist countries so underdeveloped? 6. What is its status in Poland?
  • cooperation among educal institutions and publishing houses, having a bias towards and receiving suggestions from practical work in schools. (HL).