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  • Town and village in European Russia : a book review essay
  • European part of Russia ; Handbook ; Town ; Village
  • Compte rendu d'un livre de 560 p. avec 560 fig. essentiellement des cartes, 90 tabl. et 5 appendices géostatistiques intitulé, Town and Village in European Russia : 100 years of change.
  • Zur Einbeziehung geookologischer Gesichtspunkte in die Planung und Projektierung von Städten und Stadtregionen. (Consideration of geo-ecological points of view in the planning and projecting of towns and regions of towns)
  • Le Territoire vole : une geographie culturelle des quartiers noirs de Cape Town
  • Cape Town - Afrique du Sud - Afrique Australe - Afrique - Vie Urbaine - Quartier Urbain - Urbanisme - Aspect Social - Politique Administrative
  • Cape Town
  • The changing competitive relationship between small town centres and out-of-town retailing : town revival in South Wales
  • The article seeks to examine whether the reinvestment process has improved the commercial situation of a small town in the context of strong local competition and continued retail decentralisation. It is possible to reverse the commercial fortunes
  • Social and cultural identity at Cape Town's Victoria and Alfred Waterfront
  • Afrique du Sud ; Cape Province ; Cape Town ; Géographie urbaine ; Identité culturelle ; Identité sociale ; Image de la ville ; Site urbain
  • Cape Province ; Cape Town ; Cultural identity ; Perception of the urban environment ; South Africa ; Urban geography ; Urban site
  • Victoria et Alfred Waterfront, Cape Town, exemple d'identité sociale et culturelle associée à l'image du site. - (EM)
  • Newcastle : the development of a model apartheid town and beyond
  • Apartheid ; KwaZulu-Natal ; Segregation ; South Africa ; Town ; Urban development ; Urban planning
  • The paper explores the history of state planning in the apartheid era in Newcastle, and the way it has shaped the long-term development trajectory of the town. It suggests that while the long-term effects of planning are very evident in the town
  • The internal dynamics of shanty towns in Jamaica
  • The article presents a contemporary profile of the socio-economic characteristics of 20 Jamaican shanty towns in Montego Bay, Spanish Town, and rural St. Andrew, utilizing data from surveys conducted between 1978 and 1982. The processes
  • of development and the internal dynamics of these settlements over a 20 year period are discussed. Includes glossary of Jamaican terms related to shanty town life. (MPM).
  • The New Town movement in Europe
  • The new town movement, originated in Britain in the ideas of Howard, was active in successfully implementing two new towns on a cooperative basis, Letchworth and Welwyn. These ideas became important on the Continent when the new town movement
  • Small town growth and development policy in Pakistan
  • Agricultural economics ; Location ; Pakistan ; Regional disparities ; Rural centre ; Rural development ; Small town ; Urbanization ; Urbanization of the countryside
  • This study examines the process of small town development and growth in Pakistan. The towns located in the agriculturally developed areas have better opportunities for development than the others. Although government economic development policies
  • have influenced the location and development of small towns, local leadership plays an important role in their socio-economic development.
  • The urban geolinguistics of Cape Town
  • Afrique du Sud ; Cape Province ; Cape Town ; Identité culturelle ; Langue ; Quartier ; Religion ; Société urbaine ; Ségrégation
  • Cape Province ; Cape Town ; Cultural identity ; Language ; Religion ; Segregation ; South Africa ; Urban district ; Urban society
  • Cape Town is a suitable experimental ground to focus the methodological and conceptual shift from a national to an urban resolution level in language mapping. Although Cape Town is linguistically one of the least diverse cities in South Africa
  • From Mill town to Mill town : the transition of a New England town from a textile to a high-technology economy
  • Indus towns and Huanghe towns. The origins of the grid pattern town plan
  • Volkshuisvesting in groeikernen| een beleidsevaluatie. (Living in new towns: on appraisal of new town housing policy)
  • Final report of a study commissioned by the Central Housing Authority, Ministry of Housing and Physical Planning. The main objective was an appraisal of the housing policy for new towns and recommendations for desirable modifications. A second goal
  • was an investigation of the practical problems and data limitations encountered in monitoring the housing policy. Four new towns were selected for this study Spijkenisse, Zoetermeer, Nieuwegein and Hoorn. (AGD).
  • Belgium ; Brussels ; Cartography history ; City;Town ; Town plan
  • Cartography history ; City;Town ; Seoul ; South Korea ; Town plan
  • Planning the development of the socialist city : the case of Dubna new town
  • New town plan in a new agricultural region, Malaysia
  • Racial segregation in Peninsular Malaysian towns
  • Growth of population in sizable towns of Uttar Pradesh
  • Occupational characteristics of new towns in Maharashtra