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  • Effective temperature comfort indices for some Malaysian towns
  • Die Stadt - Untersuchungsobjekt anwendungsorientierter Landschaftsforschung (The town as an object of use-oriented landscape research)
  • the historical town core of Halle and its urban fringe. The model study is to find starting points for a further transformation of the city area of Halle. - (IH)
  • Grossmasstäbige Flächennutzungskartierungen unter stadtokologischen Aspekten (Large-scale mapping of land use on aspects of town-ecology)
  • Double Fourier series analysis of cockpit and doline karst near Browns town, Jamaica
  • Urbanization and natural Stream channel morphology: the Case of two English new towns in Man's impact on the hydrological cycle in the United Kingdom.
  • Data analysis and system modelling in urban catchment areas (in the new town of Lelystad, the Netherlands)
  • Residual compaction in soils disturbed by differing land-use activities was examined in five southwestern Montana ghost towns. All towns had been abandoned for 46 to 77 years. Bulk density and macroporosity of the poorly sorted sandy loams and sandy
  • Stadtentwicklung und Trend der Warmeinselintensität. (Town development and trend of the urban heat island intensity)
  • Human bioclimatology in the intertropical zone. Application to the town of Brazzaville
  • The study of a core, drilled near the town of Loudun (Vienne) has allowed the authors to follow the variations of micropaleontological association (Foraminifera, Ostracoda, Palynology) all along the Cenomanian succession of the South-West part
  • Starting from the physical fundamentals of the anthropogenic influence on meteorological processes, in the first part the interactions between the land surface and the atmosphere in towns and industrial areas are described. The second part deals
  • An assessment of natural sites is nowadays required among the studies to realise before land consolidation. On the Gerny plateau, located between the towns of Rochefort and Marche, each landscape constituant (ecotope) has been submitted
  • , and varying horizontal curvature (geomorpho-or geoecovergency). An unsophisticated presentation results from trend area analyses. Attention is drawn to conclusions for town and landscape planning.