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  • New towns in-town for developing countries: a comment
  • Office employment in new towns
  • Zur Einbeziehung geookologischer Gesichtspunkte in die Planung und Projektierung von Städten und Stadtregionen. (Consideration of geo-ecological points of view in the planning and projecting of towns and regions of towns)
  • The New Town movement in Europe
  • The new town movement, originated in Britain in the ideas of Howard, was active in successfully implementing two new towns on a cooperative basis, Letchworth and Welwyn. These ideas became important on the Continent when the new town movement
  • Indus towns and Huanghe towns. The origins of the grid pattern town plan
  • The medieval town.
  • Mining as a town-forming factor in countries of tropical Africa
  • New towns in national development: goals, policies and strategies
  • The text is a part of the final report of the Working Party on New towns in National development.
  • Die Vergangenheit der Stadt und ihr Verhältnis zur Gegenwart. Sonderdruck aus: Die historischen Gegebenheiten in ihrer Bedeutung für die Stadtentwicklung The past of the town and their relationship to the present. Separate print form: The historical
  • data in their consequence to the development of town
  • An essay about the town in space and time between persistence and dynamic evolution.
  • Morfologie van een mijnstad The morphology of a mine town
  • The now disappeared mine-industry has had a great influence on the spatial form of the Dutch mine area and its regional centre Heerlen. One of the most imperative tasks for planners in the formely mine town is to avoid further crumbling
  • A preliminary study on the scale of population in the planning of small towns.
  • In the course of economic growth, small towns see diversification in the employment structure of its population and the criteria non-agricultural population is getting more and more difficult to define. An improper definition of population sub
  • A contribution to delineating the boundaries of the recreational hinterland of large towns
  • The hinterland of large towns is utilised with an extraordinary intensity for the short-term recreation. Four special bands can be differentiated: downtown band, suburban band, narrower rural recreational band, wider rural recreation band. (MS).
  • New approaches to promoting the development of small and medium-sized towns within technical cooperation programmes in Equity with growth? Planning perspectives for small towns in developing countries.
  • Small town financing: where does the money come from? in Equity with growth? Planning perspectives for small towns in developing countries.
  • Planning Arabic towns
  • The idea of social mix in town planning, an historical case
  • Understanding towns
  • New Towns: another way to live
  • Transport and new towns. T.1. The historical perspective: the development of transportation planning for new communities, 1898-1939
  • The geography of towns