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  • Ideal and reality in English episcopal medieval town planning
  • European towns. Their archaeology and early history
  • The analysis of burgage patterns in medieval towns
  • The definition and classification of medieval Irish towns
  • The Pre-industrial city of Denmark. A study of two medieval founded market-towns
  • The first English towns of North America
  • Persistence of country trade : the failure of towns to develop in Southside Virginia during the eighteenth century
  • The analysis combines the river navigations with the network of major roads and the location of the more important towns, in order to depict the main geographical elements of the medieval urban trading system.
  • The trends of the six major themes are reviewed : paddy fields in prehistoric and ancient times| ancient cities and roads networks| rural landscapes in ancient and medieval times| markets, towns and cities in the middle ages and the Edo era| rural
  • In the 16 th century ore-mining in Saxonia had the highest technical and economic standard world-wide. The science of mining was elaborated by C. Agricola. In the article there are tables giving the years of foundation of important mining towns
  • The A. examines food consumption and its regional differences in Ibaraki Prefecture north of Tokyo in the late Meiji Era (1868-1912), using data recorded in Chosonze (a statistical record of each town and village). Rice was the most important food
  • A Russian delegation take part in the Florentine Council which was held in Ferrara and Florence in 1438-1439. A Russian in the Metropolitan's retinue took notes on the journey which started from Moscow and did not fail to note all the towns through
  • ; Mentalité ; Navigation fluviale ; Royaume-Uni ; Région ; Régionalisme ; Révolution industrielle ; Siècle 18 ; Siècle 19 ; Syndicalisme ouvrier ; verbar; County town