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  • Under down under : the dug-out town of Coober Pedy
  • More than half of the population of this mining town in South Australia lives in underground houses. - (DWG)
  • Port town village organisation in Western Samoa
  • Alice through the looking glass: marginalisation in the Aboriginal town camps of Alice Springs
  • Functional deficiencies and constraints in small towns in Papua New Guinea in Symposium Pacific basin cities in he Eighties, sept. 1981.
  • Outstations to primacy : economic policy, class formation and growth in the towns of Papua New Guinea in Pacific Island States.
  • Spatial patterns of agriculture near Auckland, New Zealand are examined in relation to Sinclair's (1967) reappraisal of von Thünen's graphic models. Neither patterns of land use, nor intensity of application of inputs to orcharding or town supply
  • at the destination and perceptions of those opportunities| pressures in the village such as population, productivity, perceived need for cash, and social values| and connections between town and village. The analysis concludes that migration is an integral part
  • adapted to the present Warlpiri way of life semi-permanent settlement focussed on government and mission stations, cattle properties and nearby towns. Some of these characteristics, such as the custom of abandonning houses after a death, or making frequent
  • brought a greater presence of secular administrators. Popular desire for economic and material advancement was expressed in millenarian movements, adoption of coffee growing and large-scale migration to towns. Hube residents and migrants have to cope