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  • Revitalized small towns in China
  • Cantonment towns of India
  • Housing and new towns in Hong Kong
  • New town plan in a new agricultural region, Malaysia
  • Racial segregation in Peninsular Malaysian towns
  • Growth of population in sizable towns of Uttar Pradesh
  • Occupational characteristics of new towns in Maharashtra
  • Hong Kong's industrial new towns
  • The journey to work patterns in Jurong industrial new town, Singapore
  • Attitudes and adjustments to the flood hazard in a mixed ethnic community in Malacca Town, Peninsular Malaysia
  • Catastrophe ; Géographie de l'Asie ; Inondation ; Malacca Town ; Malaisie ; Perception
  • Etude de la perception des habitants d'ethnies différentes, dans le quartier de Pengkalan Rama (Malacca Town), devant les risques d'inondation du quartier. (OC).
  • Growth of Burla and Hirakud towns in Orissa
  • Both towns are direct outcome of the Hirakud dam project : economic development, new offices and industries, increasing population. The canal system irrigation has changed the whole area. - (PLK)
  • A tale of two towns. Afhankelijkheid, industrialisatie en regionale ontwikkeling in West-Maleisië.. (A tale of two towns. Dependency, industrialization and regional development in peninsular Malaysia)
  • Place of small towns in the urban system of Gujarat, India in Equity with growth? Planning perspectives for small towns in developing countries.
  • Kamaishi : a Japanese steel town in crisis
  • Attitudes towards service provision in public housing estates and new towns in Singapore
  • Small towns in Chinese urbanization
  • Chinese dominance of West Malaysian towns 1921-1970
  • Satellite town development in the Shanghai city region
  • Planning development towns in Kuwait in Spatial dimensions of growth.