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  • New towns in-town for developing countries: a comment
  • Mapping the towns of Europe : the European towns in Braun § Hogenberg's Town Atlas, 1572-1617
  • Atlas ; History of cartography ; Seventeenth Century ; Sixteenth Century ; Town
  • Post-apartheid development challenges in small towns of the Free State
  • Orange Free State ; Small town ; South Africa ; Town ; Urban development
  • Current and future development challenges of small towns in South Africa in the post-apartheid era have been neglected. In an overview of small towns in the Free State current issues are identified and some development opportunities and ideas
  • for small towns are suggested. - (AJC)
  • District Six, Cape Town : an apartheid landscape
  • Afrique du Sud ; Apartheid ; Cape Province ; Cape Town ; Centre-ville ; Ethnie ; Quartier urbain ; Ségrégation
  • Apartheid ; Cape Province ; Cape Town ; Ethnic group ; Inner city ; Segregation ; South Africa ; Urban district
  • Retrospective view of the cosmopolitan heart of Cape Town, South Africa, populated by seven different ethnic groups until it was demolished in 1966. - (DWG)
  • Stedebouwkundig plan Groningen (stad) Town planning plan Groningen (town)
  • Summary of the contents of the new town planning plan. (AGD).
  • Znaky urbanistickych premien slovenskych miest. (Marks of urban transformations in Slovak towns)
  • Initial formation of towns in the territory of Slovakia, spatial manifestation of medieval towns and spatial transformations up to present times, when the towns have achieved a sharp rythme of development. (MS).
  • Battlement esa: new life for a Colorado mining town
  • Colorado ; Community ; Energy ; Environment ; Oil ; Small town ; Town ; United States of America ; Urban function
  • Originally built as a residential town for energy resource workers, Battlement Mesa is now occupied by in-migrants, many from California, who seek small-town living in the Rockies. - (DWG)
  • Regional order in the enterprise structures of selected Eastern Cape Karoo towns
  • Eastern Cape ; Economic development ; Firm ; South Africa ; Town ; Urban development
  • The urban enterprises of twelve towns in the Eastern Cape Karoo were identified, enumerated and classified into different business sectors. Statistical analyses were used to examine six hypotheses regarding the question as to whether small towns
  • exhibit a hidden order of proportionality. Older towns retained advantages in enterprise development. Enterprise diversities could be predicted accurately for large and small towns. An assessment was made of the strengths and weaknesses in enterprise
  • development of individual towns in the region. - (AJC)
  • Revitalized small towns in China
  • The Scottish regions and the new towns
  • Office employment in new towns
  • Cantonment towns of India
  • Housing and new towns in Hong Kong
  • Town site evolution in Southwestern Michigan 1830-1869
  • Location ; Michigan ; Nineteenth Century ; Town ; Town plan ; United States of America ; Urban development ; Urban history ; Urban planning ; Urban site
  • A study of the original survey records of town plats in three southwestern Michigan counties, which shows a wide range of town and town-square designs, although all the towns were laid out in the mid-1830s. Some towns were to be square, others
  • linear, and others were altered to permit water-driven mills. Town squares with roads crossing through were often altered later, suggesting that those who planned the towns may have had ideas at odds with the settlers. - (SLD)
  • A ghanaian town revisited : changes and continuities in local adaptive strategies
  • City;Town ; Development strategy ; Ghana ; Urban economy
  • A study of the changes between 1982-3 and 1989 of two towns in south eastern Ghana, Ayirebi and Asokore. Self help and self reliance are important in continuing adverse economic conditions.―(EMS)
  • Allergenic fungal spores in the Cape Town atmosphere : the case of Alternaria
  • Afrique du Sud ; Allergie ; Atmosphère ; Bioclimatologie ; Cape Town ; Géographie de l'Afrique ; Spore ; Variation saisonnière
  • An analysis of trends : the concentrations of fungal spores : the Cape Town atmosphere reveals a marked seasonality in Alternaria concentrations.
  • The winter airspora spectrum in the Cape Town region perspectives
  • Afrique du Sud ; Atmosphère ; Bioclimatologie ; Cape Town ; Géographie de l'Afrique ; Météorologie ; Palynologie ; Pollen ; Spore ; Variation saisonnière
  • The paper presents evidence for the relationship between pollen and spore counts in Cape Town and meteorological conditions occurring there.
  • Government and the planning process: an analysis and appraisal of government decision-making processes with special reference to the launching of new towns and town development schemes
  • Breda, groeistad. (Breda, the growth of a town)
  • Three interesting articles concerning the concept growth town (Governmental Report on Urbanization) as illustrated in the case of Breda. These articles report on issues as town conservation and renovation, extension planning and problems concerning