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  • Recreational business districts in Gulf of Mexico seaside resorts
  • Gulf of Mexico ; Leisure ; Mexico ; Seaside resort ; Tourism ; United States ; Urban landscape
  • Tourist-oriented businesses cluster near the beach in seaside resorts. Morphological examination of the evolution of these districts in eight resorts in west Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, Texas and Mexico. - (DWG)
  • Development patterns of Slovene tourist destinations
  • Cluster analysis ; Development ; Life cycle ; Model ; Slovenia ; Tourism ; Tourist resort
  • The paper discusses the applicability of Butler's model of the life cycle of a tourist area in interpreting various development patterns of Slovene tourist resorts. In order to find out similar development patterns a hierarchical cluster analysis
  • is performed. As a result, nine clusters are identified. The results show very heterogeneous development of individual resorts. Only in regard to a smaller part of them a pattern similar to the one from Butler's model could be discerned. - (IKR)
  • Locational characteristics of American resort hotels
  • Florida ; Hawaii ; Hotel trade ; Leisure ; Location ; Nevada ; Tourism ; Touristic resort ; United States
  • One half of the 834 resort hotels in the USA are in Florida, Nevada, and Hawaii. Coastal locations are especially numerous and many are in locations having either warm winters or cool summers. Conventions now form a major part of their business
  • Attendance ; Location ; Romania ; Seaside resort ; Tourism ; Tourism policy ; Tourist facilities
  • in Rumania still appears strongly conditioned by the accomodation policy pursued by the Communist regime. A number of the main tourist resorts have been built by the trade unions organization which supported in the first place the construction of large
  • The A. carries out an analysis of the statistical distribution of tourist infrastructures in Rumania in the year 1997, employing to this aim the rate of the touristic function introduced by Defert. According to this research, the touristic sector
  • Japan's « resort archipelago » : creating regions of fun, pleasure, relaxation, and recreation
  • Investment ; Japan ; Leisure ; Project ; Recreation area ; Regional development ; Seaside resort ; Tourism ; Tourism area ; Tourist resort ; Urbanization
  • Nationalization of resort complexes by Crimea
  • Crimea ; Economic policy ; Nationalization ; Seaside resort ; Tourist resort ; Ukraine
  • Attractiveness ; Balaton Lake ; Camping ; Hungary ; Tourism ; Tourist facilities ; Tourist resort
  • Keszthely was a popular bathing resort already at the end of the 19th century. It offered not only the tourist services also found elsewhere, or the possibilities of the beautiful, varied landscape but also a rich cultural heritage with plenty
  • City;Town ; Coastal environment ; France ; Leisure ; Mountain ; Rural area ; Rural tourism ; Seaside resort ; Seaside tourism ; Systems analysis ; Tourism ; Tourism area ; Tourism policy ; Tourist resort ; Touristic behaviour ; Touristic planning
  • ; Winter sports resort
  • International tourism ; Recreation geography ; Seaside tourism ; Tourism ; Tourist flow ; Wintersports ; World
  • the sixty for cent of world tourists : the capital cities for their cultural treasures, the Mediterranean coasts for the sunny sommer and the Alps for winter sports and summer resorts are preferred. The aeroplane has opened to tourism the islands and remote
  • Tourism, its types and evolution have been examined. The phenomenon is typical of free world and capitalistic countries, as income is its main factor. All over the world the foreign tourists have been evaluated 657 millions in 1999. Europe receives
  • localities and transfers many thousand tourists between Europe, America and other countries of the world. - (NF)
  • Remote sensing ; Satellite imagery ; Seaside resort ; Tourist resort ; Uruguay
  • Resorting to Korean tourism in Australia
  • Asians ; Attendance ; Australia ; Country of origin ; International tourism ; Market ; Organization ; Tourism ; Tourist flow
  • Dynamisme marqué de l'activité touristique en Australie depuis la fin des années 1980. Recherche d'une diversification accrue des pays d'origine des touristes. Exemple de la Corée du Sud: les flux ont enregistré la plus forte croissance récente
  • Consumer behaviour ; Demand ; Leisure ; Netherlands (The) ; Planning ; Space time ; Tourism ; Touristic resort
  • analysis of tourist-recreation behaviour is necessary in identifying these complexes. - (AGD)
  • Cultural geography ; Cultural landscape ; Language ; Lower California ; Mexico ; Seaside resort ; Tourism
  • In southern Baja California, the strong North American tourist presence since the 1980s has resulted in the use of English by tourist industry workers and the presence of signs in English. Language is used to reveal the evolution of the hybrid
  • Asia ; Development ; Indonesia ; Island ; Malaysia ; Planning project ; Seaside resort ; Seasonality ; South-Eastern Asia ; Spatial organization ; Sustainable development ; Thailand ; Tourism ; Tourist resort ; Tourist site ; Touristic planning
  • Attendance ; Handbook ; Leisure ; Lodging ; Mountain ; Rural tourism ; Seaside tourism ; Tourism ; Tourism area ; Tourist facilities ; Tourist region ; Tourist resort ; Tourist site ; Touristic behaviour
  • Country of origin ; Economic flow ; Economy ; French Polynesia ; International tourism ; Socio-economic system ; Tourism ; Tourist flow
  • The relations between Overseas Territory and France is considered, since the local economy heavily depends on France while tourism covers only 10% of GNP. Most of the tourist resorts are financially owned by foreigners: tourists tend not to spend
  • much time here. They pay the travel agencies in their countries. Goods must be imported in order to satisfy the tourist's demands. The capitals flow away leaving the country stuck to its role of periphery within a more general context.
  • and travel brochures of the biggest German companies for beach resort tourism, cultural or adventure tourism as well as he surveyed the tourist's view on the Berbers. Furthermore, he examined the souvenir trade between tourists and Berber souvenir vendors
  • The study examines the cultural encounter between ethnic tourists and Berbers in Morocco focusing on the analysis of the Berbers image as it is put across by the different actors involved in ethnic tourism. Therefore, the study queries how
  • the tourists' image of the Berbers develops and how it looks like, as well as the significance it has on the cultural contact which accompanies ethnic tourism in the Berbers' land. For that the author analysed the best-selling guide-books in German languages
  • Mental map of tourists : a study of Coffs Harbour, New South Wales
  • Australia ; Behaviour ; Cognitive process ; Custom ; Mental map ; New South Wales ; Perception ; Seaside resort ; Tourism
  • Economic policy ; Mexico ; Planning ; Seaside resort ; Tourism ; Touristic planning ; Touristical equipment
  • Aquitaine ; Coastal environment ; Development strategy ; France ; Seaside resort ; Tourist facilities ; Touristic planning