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  • Link lengths and channel network topology
  • Topologic properties of delta distributary networks in Models in geomorphology.
  • Analysis of the topologic configuration of the distributary patterns of twenty deltas using the approach of Smart and Moruzzi (1972). A similar analysis is performed on 13 randomly generated distributary nets. A comparison is made between
  • the topology of the natural networks and those of the models.
  • Network topologies and virtual place
  • Communication ; Computing ; Network ; Production of space ; Space ; Structuration theory ; Topology
  • , or topologies, provide a set of opportunities and constraints for social interaction. When topologies in computer networks replicate the topologies in familiar places, certain elements of social structuration are shared. This sharing lends validity to claims
  • Az alfoldi megyék kozuthalozatanak topologiai vizsgalata. (Topological investigations of the road-network in the counties of the Great Hungarian Plain)
  • Topological analysis enabled the AA. to characterize and compare the road-network of the counties in the Great Hungarian Plain. It will be followed by a non-topological investigation where they have to calculate the actual geographical location
  • Topology and dependency tests in spatial and network autoregressive models
  • Matrix analysis ; Network ; Regression analysis ; Simulation ; Social network ; Spatial analysis ; Test ; Topology
  • The objective of the paper is to investigate, within a simulation setting, the ability of spatial dependency tests to identify a spatial/network autoregressive model when two network topology measures, namely degree distribution and clustering
  • , are controlled. Drawing a large data set of controlled social networks, the impact of network topology on dependency tests is investigated under a hierarchy of factors.
  • Emergency shelter topologies : locating humanitarian space in mobile and material practice
  • Catastrophe ; Materiality ; Mobility ; Political geography ; Space ; Topology
  • This article focuses on the emergency family tent and the shelter kit and traces the topological associations of humanitarian spaces as enacted through humanitarian practice. The former is shown to effect humanitarian space within the associations
  • of a network topology by acting as an ‘immutable mobile’, connecting different places of humanitarian crises with each other. In contrast, the latter is shown to effect humanitarian space within the associations of a fluid topology by acting as a ‘mutable
  • mobile’,ordering space according to an overlapping and partly simultaneous timeline of action. These different ‘shelter topologies’ are shown to convey different assumptions about, and underlie different topographic renderings of, humanitarian space.
  • Cutting through topologies : crossing lines at the School of the Americas
  • Activism ; Conflict ; Human rights ; Topology ; United States of America
  • . imperialism being held within the U.S. The movement to close the SOA traces the lines of the topology that shapes spaces of exception in Latin America. The essay looks at the doings of protest space as a form of resistance to the space of exception.
  • The random topology model of channel networks : bias in statistical tests
  • The city and topologies of memory
  • Athens ; Cultural studies ; History of ideas ; Landscape ; Mental map ; Social theory ; Space time ; Topology ; Town
  • The codes of Japanese landscapes : an attempt at topological geography in Languages, paradigms and schools in geography.
  • and their immense significance to our contemporaries. Those researchers have now reached the stage of topological geography which regards the frameworks of Euclidian space as one of the specific frameworks for spatial consideration. - (SGA)
  • World city topologies
  • Concept ; Space ; Theory ; Time ; Topology ; World city
  • A note on topological matrices and characteristic polynomials of fourth-magnitude drainage net maps
  • Cartograms and topology
  • Towards a post-mathematical topology
  • Geographical thought ; Post-structuralism ; Power ; Space ; Spatiality ; Theory ; Topography ; Topology
  • Beastly minds : a topological twist in the rethinking of the human in nonhuman geographies using two of Freud's case studies, Emmy von N. and the Wolfman
  • Human geography ; Nonhuman geography ; Relations between human and animal bodies ; Topology
  • Network topology and city accessibility to the commercial Internet
  • Accessibility ; Correlation ; Internet ; Matrix analysis ; Network ; Service ; Telecommunications ; Topology ; Town ; Transport network ; United States of America
  • Tributary diameter in topologically random channel networks
  • On peut étendre le concept de diamètre d'un chenal (cf. Werner et Smart, Some new methods of topologic classification of channel networks, Geographical Analysis, 1973, t.5, n2, pp.271-295) pour définir le nombre de segments d'un cours d'eau
  • Market area ; Methodology ; Spatial analysis ; Topology
  • in these relations. The Hasse diagram and its extension are introduced to describe the topological structure of polygons. The extension of the diagram provides a means of classifying polygons. The method is employed to analyze the results of an experiment
  • Consumption ; Economic geography ; Investment ; Market ; Network ; Organization ; Production ; Research ; Technical progress ; Topology
  • be encapsulated in four topological presuppositions. They take one of these presuppositions (the network) and look at some of its ramifications by considering the world of large overseas Chinese firms.
  • Topologic model for drainage networks with lakes